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Hello Hivers, hope y'all are good. I'm doing good myself. I feel great cos what I'm about to share with you is the success of my first experiment of the year.
Yhup I decided to go off my regular single medium of making artworks and just create chaos with the materials around me.
Without further Ado, here we go

Title: beauty in the mix
Medium: ballpen and pencil on paper
Technique: cross hatching, scribbling and rubbing
Duration: 8hrs
Size: 12* 10

Here are my progress shots

I really enjoyed creating this piece, although I was anxious towards the result of the experiment. I always feel like I'm taking a risk when I want to do something new on a perfect sketch. I think it's a artist thing

Anyways, if you got to this point. Thank you very much, I really appreciate the love and support
Pls don't forget to vote, comment and reblog.
Still got more to share.. stay tuned 😏


You have done excellent sketching. For me, it's one of the most challenging tasks.
But it seems you are very well in this field. Keep doing and I am hopeful that your will do much better than this one in the future.

Thanks you very much Sir
I appreciate the words of encouragement.. the hands will keep working

Wow, that's a beautiful piece of art! I love the mix of ballpen and pencil, the cross hatching, scribbling, and rubbing techniques really bring the work to life. The use of multiple mediums adds a unique touch to your artwork and it's great to see that you took a risk and stepped outside of your comfort zone. Well done!

!discovery 38

Thanks you very much
I really appreciate the words of support and encouragement. I'm always glad to see your comments on my post. Always so encouraging and insightful.
Thank you very much for all you on this space
My hands won't stop creating

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Hi, friend @reggiesart

Welcome to Hive.

I like the way you draw.

It's good to experiment with our work. But in this case, I think I prefer it in black and white.

I hope you have a lot of success in this beautiful platform.

A Hug

Thank you very much for the kind words
I really appreciate

This looks great, being a bit scared when we try out new stuff is kind of everybody's thing.

Yhh.. that's true tho. Most especially when I consider the fact that the new decision is capable of altering the entire path

Wow nice art work.
That’s really nice and a great work done. And once again, nice choice of colours. I really like your patting.
Thanks for sharing. And I will like to see you drawing me.. lol