The Apple

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Hello guys, hope it's going well. Well, Incase it's not going so well, I'm here to remind you to get an apple today with art, like they say " an apple a day, keeps the doctors away"

So, in my routine of drawing something everyday, I decided to draw an apple today.. it was a good way to practice my shades and values and most importantly, sketching shapes with good proportions.


Title: Apple
Medium: pencil, ballpen on paper
Technique: cross hatching and hatching
Size: A4
Duration: 30mins

Below are the work in progress pics







Alright guys, that'd be it for now.
Thanks for coming through, don't forget to share your thoughts in the comments section y'all


Beautiful, congratulations 😀👏👏👏

Thanks 😊

This one seems very simple and I am hopeful that I will be able to draw it If I try a couple of times.
Whatever it's looking beautiful. But I think It would be more beautiful if you used red color. ( it's just my opinion)

Thanks alot friend
That's actually a good idea.. I have a couple of colored biros around.. I might put that to test soon

I like the way you are giving depth to the drawing, in a very short time you will be creating 3D drawings, the shadows make the drawing balanced. Good work.

Thank you very much Sir
I'm trusting the process

Cool artwork man. How long have you been doing this? Do you practice daily?

Thanks Sir
I've been doing this for quite some time now, and yes, I try to draw something each day

Very nice! Thanks for sharing !

Thanks Ma'am