The couples Pt.1

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Hello guys, how's it going?!
I believe we've had a great week so far and thank God it's Friday. I'm really thrilled for all that's in store for me today because I just concluded this particular piece that I'm about to share, it's been on my board for awhile, just concluded it and I'm in the mood to do alot of things cos my schedule is sooo free😁


Title: Something from the Aisle
Duration: 20hrs+
Medium: graphite pencils (HB,4b, 6b, 8b, 10b) and charcoal pencil (extra soft general charcoal pencil) eraser, blending stump, brushes
Size: 18*22 (inches)

Alright guys, I purposely chose not to upload all the WIP pics cos they were alot, so I decided that I'd share it in parts( just 2 parts).. so now we feast on the first part which is about my male reference.

Scroll on my friends 😌


And while you scroll, if you notice anything that you'd like to hint me on or anything that you'd like me to talk about based on the art or technique, pls don't hold back, let's use the comment booth😁🤝







Glad you could scroll this far, the part 2 would be longer, which I'll upload this evening once I'm done compiling everything. Here's the reference image


I'd also like to use this opportunity to appreciate the love and support I've been getting from y'all overtime. It's really overwhelming. It encourages me to do better and share more


Hello, friend @reggiesart

Welcome to Hive.

I loved your post.

It's a very neat and beautiful work.

Your drawing is quite realistic.


I hope you have many successes on this platform.

A Hug

Thank you very much
I'm glad you like it
I believe there's much more I can achieve on this platform
Thank you for the encouragement and support ❤️

This is very interesting...

Thanks alot Sir
Kindly look out for the part 2, uploading it soon😁


Thanks .. glad you think so
Anticipate the part 2.. I'm about to upload it in a couple of minutes 😁

Beautiful art friend, thank you very much for sharing with us 🥰

Thanks alot Ma'am
I'm glad you like it
I'm uploading the 2nd part in a couple of minutes

buenas tarde amigo muy linda tu obra de arte no me puede ser una para mi