First drawnings ever

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I have never, ever had drawing ability in my life. However, it was something I always wanted to learn and do. The last time I drew I think I was in school and still a child... and that was quite a while ago...

I have been spending a lot of time working and needed a new hobby to distract my mind. After the table I reformed with paint, I got the urge to learn to draw more and more.

I saw some videos on youtube that encouraged me to start (and also helped me to know where to start) and these are my first sketches, made with the intention of making my tracing firmer.

For someone who has never drawn anything at all, I'm quite proud of them. I'm aware that they aren't perfect and I have much to improve, but I'm excited to share my progress in this community.

And, of course, I welcome and will appreciate tips :) ❤️

Check out the original sketch and the scanned versions:

IMG_2225 (1).jpeg






IMG_2270 (2).JPG

Hope that you like it.



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What a beautiful start!! keep going a you will improve with time and practice!

I will continue! thanks for the encouragement ♥️