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I had created AH BOY's parent in my latest two post. How about LALA's parent, his BFF or university 'girl friend'? Thus, I draw her mother and her name is MADAM HUA.

MADAM HUA, a single mother and only have one daughter, LALA. Her occupation is businesswoman of supply dairy food to restaurant chain's customer. She has business relation with PAPA CHOI. Same as PAPA CHOI, she always nagging their daughter on spending too much money. LALA is a gourmet and like to eat outside to taste food from different restaurant.

As usual, this is the process to draw MADAM HUA by using spreadsheet excel.

First step, copy LALA to new spreadsheet as comparison for the height and their facial. MADAM HUA's eye and the two dots on the cheek(to distinguisher my character as female) same as LALA except the mouth and hairstyle. The bump hairstyle suitable for MADAM HUA for her position as businesswoman. I had to put a white line on the hairstyle to look noticeable on the bump.

After the drawing process of MADAM HUA's head done, next I'm going to draw her costume. I going to draw her look like a businesswoman by wearing black cardigan, black pant, tip flat shoe and formal blouse. As for the tip flat shoe, the 'tip' part have to use shape function to draw it.

Next, we going to draw the hand gesture. For this matter, I make MADAM HUA holding a paper. To draw the paper, I use the shape function. As for my excel art edition, all the drawing I will use the concept of grayscales or black and white art. Since the paper is white colour, the formal blouse I use the light gray colour include the part of the pant. In addition, put a white border on the cardigan to distinguish the hand with the body part.

If you all have follow my excel art edition, the last step I will delete the other sample character and let the main character left in the spreadsheet canvas. After that, I will put some speech or quote for them. (Can click the below each character link for references)

MADAM CHOI excel art after converting the spreadsheet to JPEG format. She scolding LALA now😅.

You may refer to below links for know more the characters which I created:-

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Who will I draw next? 🤔🤔🤔

💌Thanks for supporting.

My character creations drawn by excel spreadsheets so far and the family keep on expanding. Now 7 of them here😊


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Nice collection!! Keep on adding them with more stories!! (o) cant wait for next artwork! Here some !PIZZA and !LUV

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