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In my latest post on Excel Art edition, I had drawn PAPA CHOI. Now, I'm going to draw MAMA CHOI.

MAMA CHOI, wife of PAPA CHOI and also the mother of AH BOY and AH MEI. She is a full time housewife. MAMA CHOI new hobby is surfing online shopping which influenced by AH MEI. However, since she still new in online shopping matter, she always ask her daughter help to make payment on the shopping cart.

This is the process I draw MAMA CHOI by using spreadsheet excel.

I use AH MEI as my sample for comparison to draw MAMA CHOI. I just copy paste AH MEI template to the new spreadsheet. I copy two AH MEIs as I want to draw MAMA CHOI similar with her (since AH MEI is MAMA CHOI's daughter).

I make MAMA CHOI facial almost the same with AH MEI except for the eye. I change the eye with spectacle and different hairstyle which Asian's old lady used to have. Now, the head completed. (It's looks like Nobita - the main character in the Doraemon animation)

I got inspiration from Nobita as references for MAMA CHOI costume. Done draw MAMA CHOI costume and she wearing a three quarter skirt since she a lady. Nobita wear short pant by the way. As for hand gesture, I draw MAMA CHOI holding smartphone. There is a bit difficulty in drawing the lenses of the smartphone to make it almost in line. The smartphone I use the shape function to draw it.

This is Nobita - Doraemon

Delete AH MEI from the spreadsheet canvas let MAMA CHOI alone there. As usual, put some speech or quote for MAMA CHOI to show her characteristic.

The end result after converting the spreadsheet to JPEG format. She asking AH MEI to help her

You may refer to below links for know more the characters which I created:-

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Another new character will be introduce in my next post and who will it be? 🤔🤔🤔

💌Thanks for supporting.

My character creations drawn by excel spreadsheets so far and the family keep on expanding😊


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