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Today I want to introduced KIT CAI twin sister, QI QI.

This is Qi Qi, Son Goku wife in Dragon Ball animation. I use her name as reference for my KIT CAI's twin sister in the Choi Family - The Drama series.

QI QI, one of the neighborhood kid stay beside Choi family house. Her working parents always left the twin (with her brother KIT CAI) under the care of MAMA CHOI. MAMA CHOI is a housewife who always stay at home and willing to take care of them. Qi Qi always wear the same dress as AH MEI to take her twin brother attention more to her. She know her brother like AH MEI too.

This is the process to draw QI QI by using spreadsheet excel.

I want to make QI QI face and height same as her twin brother. So, I copy two KIT CAI drawing to the spreadsheet.

I differentiate QI QI and KIT CAI with two ponytails hairstyle, angle of sideburn and two cute cheek mark. I left the panda's paw cup as I want use it for my next draw.

I reposition the cup near QI QI mouth and make her drinking using the straw.

As mentioned above, she like to wear same clothing as AH MEI. Refer to my previous post on AH MEI, the different between QI QI and AH MEI fashion appearance are mock neck, long sleeve and black stocking. For this post, I will not delete KIT CAI as I want let them stand together as twin. Now I going to write some quote for QI QI as usual.

This is the result after the above spreadsheet converted to JPEG format. AH MEI bring the twin to her father's restaurant in order to meet PAN. Meanwhile, the twin looking at them with the food and beverage which bought by AH MEI for them. Its seem AH MEI always bring them to meet PAN
GE GE - in chinese mean big/elder brother
JIE JIE - in chinese mean big/elder sister

You may refer to below links to know more the characters which I created:-

Special Recap

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My character creations drawn by excel spreadsheets so far and the family keep on expanding. Now 11 of them here😊



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