1st time with Adobe Animate - Toilet Gif

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Yo artists!

After creating my first Digital Art a couple of days ago, I decided to level up my game (like I got a massive experience in this now xD) and create some animation or at least, a gif.

I had one simple idea to animate but one little problem was that I never worked in Adobe Animate.

So, this was a great opportunity to try it out and see what I can create on my first try.

I watched a few tutorials for beginners lately and I was ready for a great moment haha


I ended up with a gif, not an animation. I think I need to watch a few more tutorials or at least, re-watch those I already did. But, it was a great experience and motivation to work more and create something better.

At first, I created a toilet seat and 2 versions of it; one with a daytime colors and one with a nighttime colors.


After drawing a piss, I just exported both images and imported them in Adobe Animate. BTW, I did my drawing in Adobe Illustrator.


The idea will be more understood among male audience, and I believe I will not have to explain it to them.

But, for my ladies...

In the first picture, it's a daytime and we (alpha males) are pising straight down and making noise. But during the night time, we are pising slightly to the left so that we don't make a noise. We knoe you don't like it :P

Anyway, it was funny to me to create this and after creating it, guess what? It is still funny :)))

It's time to watch a few more tutorials and I believe we are into some great time when it comes to creating and animating. Woohoo

Until next time!

Peace yo,

Mr. Spacely


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Disiz not a chjoke!

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Good job. The gadget is bringing out your arts potential. You last art work infer that you have been involved art 🎨 for some years or immanent in you.


I kinda have a talent bit never worked on it nor practiced it. This is my time now xD