Easiest Butter Icing DIY

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My little niece turned 3 some weeks ago, and due to the lockdown in my area, I had to make do with what I had in my fridge and kitchen cabinets. I had to ice the cakes if I didn’t want any issues with my little rascal, lol.

Icing sugar 500g
Butter 250g
Food coloring
1 table spoon of water
Literally all you need!

While your cake is cooling, it’s time to prepare your butter icing.
First of all, mix the butter alone, for 10 minutes( with a mixer) or 20 minutes (with a wooden spoon). Basically, you wanna mix the butter till it’s lighter, creamier, fluffy and hits a dropping consistency.
Next, add your already sieved icing sugar, in bits. Mix
Add your desired flavor, I used vanilla and butterscotch. Also add a tablespoon water now, to give it a more balanced texture.
If you wanna decorate, like I did, you wanna divide the plain mix so you can add your desired food coloring in whichever mix.

I wasn’t gonna use green because she’s a little girl that loves pink and purple but that was all I could find in my kitchen.
Well, from the expression on her face, I think I did a good job. Plus, the cake itself was one mouthwatering cake, I tell you! 🤗


Stay Safe guys and don’t forget to leave a comment, upvote, reblog and follow me for more kitchen experiments, lol.

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