House Cleaning Tips: Clean Your Refridgerator in Under Twenty Minutes

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It happens to all of us, the lost tupperware on the bottom back shelf, the spilled something, seemingly frozen on the shelf. Get your fridge sparkling in just a few quick steps.

Sigh, is it that time again? Has the refrigerator become unbearable? Well maybe it's not that bad, or maybe it is, but you can keep that little secret to yourself. Either way, eventually every fridge owner has to face facts, and the facts are simple, the fridge is dirty and the fridge needs to be cleaned. No need to worry or dread. It can be done so easily that you'll be wondering how and why you dreaded this undertaking so or why you waited this long.

Before you even grab the handle to open the door, there is some prepping I advise you to do. If you're sink is full empty it, and if you have a dishwasher and think you might be reloaded it with the refrigerator cleaning you're about to tackle do that first as well. You'll also want a trash bag or can to dump the undesirables in as well as a couple of cleaning supplies that will help make the task run smooth and quickly. For the cleaning supplies I have a couple of recommendations. A bowl of hot, soapy water for starters, just a few drops of dish detergent will do , some clean rags or paper towels and baking soda. The hot soap water will help "melt" out anything stuck on. The rags and paper towels will be used for wiping and possible soaking on top of anything that is stuck on and the baking soda will act as an abrasive to help get your refrigerator sparkling.


First do the drawers. If in doubt throw it out. No need to poison yourself or possibly your friends and family with anything that has gone rancid. Empty each drawer completely and wiping it down with the hot, soapy water. If anything has spilled and is seemingly permanently stuck in the drawer soak either a rag or the paper towel in the hot water and place it, sopping, over the stain. Leave it there and move on. Clear the shelves next, organizing them on the counter as they are supposed to be on the shelves. Corral dishes and containers to be scraped and cleaned in the sink. Once you have all the shelves cleaned, wipe them down and repeat the sopping rag trick on any spills that might have occurred.

Dump your now dirty hot soapy water. Refill for round two. Go back to any stains you were conquering and remove the rag or towel. Sprinkle with baking soda and scrub off the remaining stain. Once you've removed all the stains, wipe down the entire interior of the fridge with a clean rag and your fresh (and clean) supply of hot, soapy water. Step back and admire the gleam!

Reloading. This is the perfect time to reorganize, reorder, and start a running grocery list. Jot down any items you need to pick up as wipe down the bottles, jars, cans while replacing them in their designated location. Be sure to wipe down the bottoms of the items as you put them back in. There's no telling what is stuck there and no need to dirty up your immaculate cleaning project! Keep items you use often closer to the front. Pick up a plastic shoebox and use the bottom only to gather small bottles like olives, mustards and jellies that don't fit on the door shelves and keep it on the main shelves.

Once the inside is completely wiped down, clean, fresh and sparkly, wipe down the exterior. Don't forget the backside of the handle or the seals where mold and mildew usually make their first appearances. There you have it. It wasn't so bad now was it? If you make this little ritual a habit that you can accomplish every few months, it will go quicker and your fridge will always look outstanding!


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