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         A while back, I wrote about my air fryer. It's a nifty little appliance. If you want to delude yourself by thinking the junk food made from it is healthier, it's for you. All jokes aside, I like making foods with it. It's quick and efficient. I don't have to add extra oil and things smell less greasy.

         For some time, I have been experimenting with different recipes. Of course, I can never stray too far from chicken. Yes, I love my fried chicken. After messing with the breading, etc. for a while, I finally made the skin crispy as intended.


         It's a vast improvement compared to what they look like before. Here's the picture of what my air fried chicken used to look like.

chicken 2.jpg

         So, what did I do different over time? Well, for one thing, I moved away from putting the marinate and breadcrumbs together. It seems elementary for seasoned cooks, but I wanted to see what worked better for my taste buds. In the end, I made them separate.

         Another thing I experimented with was the marination time. Before, I would let the chicken pieces soak for at least 4-6 hours. Then, I moved on to overnight. Turns out, it usually taste better when I leave them in the batter for longer.

         In the pictures above, the marinate consists of simple mixture of buttermilk and paprika. The breading has some generic brand cereal with Parmesan cheese and some light seasonings.

         As for cooking instructions, it's easy.

         Line your fryer with aluminum foil. You cook one side for 13 minutes at 400°F. Then, you flip the chicken pieces over and cook for another 8 minutes on 300°F . Use a pair of tongs to move them if they are too hot to handle.

         It doesn't end there. Moving forward, I will have to experiment with different types of marinates. If it all works out, I will have my own prefect home recipe for myself.

         The end goal is to be able to make a variety of homemade foods with that appliance. I will give an update on that from time to time. Until then, eat well and live well.

The author of this post may or may not have an addiction to deep fried fowls.

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I have an hairdryer too, chicken and chestnuts and sweetpotatoe fries are may favorite things to cook in it.
Good point about it barely being healthier. I've deluded myself and only increased my body mass since I got it.
I recommend using baking paper over aluminum foil due to pseudoscientific reasons.

I have an hairdryer too

I don't.

I recommend using baking paper

Does it make any difference?

autocorrect - I think you should be aware that an airfryer is just a blow dryer and a pot.

Foil doesn't have nonstick properties, also some aluminum can leach into your food and it may not be good to injest.
Parchment/baking paper (not to be confused with wax paper) is coated in silicone which is harmless and nonstick and can handle high temperatures.

Never thought of that. I should give it a try.

I bought my son one for Christmas. Their favorite food is chicken, after years of watching the buy the half gallon and gallon containers of cooking in to deep fry chicken and french fries I told them this has to be healthier as at least your food isn't coated in oil. So far so good, they love it versus the old way they use to cook chicken. I'll have to ask them if they have the same problem with the coating and pass along your tip if they do.

It's certainly a lot less oil when cooking.

At the end of the day, it's all comes down to the taste they want.

Nice vegan dish!

Best vegan dish out there.

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