Beans, Beetle, Heat, and Shed Wall - Sunday

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Riding the waves of squash. Yesterday was a bumper morning with 51 squash, way more than the prior day of 22. One day I am flush, the next I am not. The squash plants are almost synced in their production.


Headed out while it was still cooler in the morning and picked the last of the Jade rows. I got about 9 pounds from them then picked the front side of the Monte Cristo pole beans which got about 7 pounds.



After the picking I was able to get back to the shed. All the flooring got installed and fixed down with screws. I was able to get it mostly squared and there are only a few small gaps but those are over the joists so it is not just open air through the crack.



Once the floor was installed I went to the lumber pile to load the truck with 2x4s. I flopped the tarp up and this monster came tumbling out. It is dead but also huge. The things still weighs a good amount so it hasn't been dead super long. The giant wood borer beetles like this generally aren't a threat to living trees, they like the dead or dying ones.


Loaded up the lumber and drove it up to the shed.


I cut down 12 sticks to 75 inches each for the back wall and laid out the top and bottom sticks with screws on center lines.


The first section of the back wall went together nice and easily. It is so nice to have the floor available to build the walls on.


The second section went together just as fast as the first then I set them in place and fixed the bottom with a few screws. I only need small supports on either end to keep it standing strong enough. I love having the wall up as it gives us a real sense of how big the shed will be. This is the lowest point in the shed and the back wall will be end to end shelving.


This is my pile of old windows I have had for years. Originally I had offered on Craigslist years back to pick up any old windows that people did not want anymore. I got 4 or 5 people who offered up windows. I had built a sort of green house out of them but that got taken down after a year. I finally just piled them all out of the way but did use 4 of them for the chicken coop.

I found 6 windows that will be perfect for the shed and set them to the side. I need to know which windows I am using so I can design the walls.


This is my plan so far. I use it more as a base to work from and make adjustments as I go.


We took a break to head to the creek. I grabbed my thermometer from under the carport. In the shade it was 100F.


I stood on the shed floor for a little while and the temp got to 118F in the sun.


We went down to the creek and the nice cool water.


80F was the temp at the tunnel. A 38 degree difference between the shed and the tunnel, two points only 100 feet from each other. It was a 20 degree difference between the shade of the house and the tunnel. Pretty amazing and I had been underestimating the difference for a long time.


After dinner we spent a couple hours bagging 220 bags of beans. 110 pounds total and I still have some more beans in the cooler that will be for Friday. I have to pick more of the mixed colors today to fill out orders for tomorrow.


More picking in the gardens, working on the shed, trying to stay cool, and checking on the bees is my day ahead of me.

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Ooh, I’m glad you got some creek time yesterday, it was a touch warm for sure.

The shed is coming along nicely, and I laughed when I saw your stack of windows, we have a pile rather like that lurking around here too lol!

I’m currently sitting on the deck we built Thursday, enjoying a bit of coffee and commentary before I head to work, hope you get a bit of chill time sometime today:)

New decks are nice! Congrats on yours!

It's hard to eschew the pack rat ways but I have them in check so I am primarily saving useful construction materials. It comes in handy too since I have many items floating around that I can recycle and reuse and not spend money on brand new stuff.

We were looking at the area I will be building stairs down to the creek while down there yesterday. The next lumber order will include the wood for it. It'll make it so we go down a lot more often.

Thank you! I am sitting on that glorious structure right now, enjoying this bit of cool overcast. Soo, nice!

Over the years reused construction material has been beyond helpful, I love not spending money, and I can't wait to see the new stairs down to the creek. I must admit, I am slightly envious that you have a creek. Okay, not envious, just super pleased for you, that is such a nice thing:)

Always so cool when the first wall is up!

That's one humongous bug!