Building our Deck - Part 2

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One hell of a day yesterday and the deck is looking killer. I am beat up and sore as all get out but damned happy with how it is turning out. You can tell J loves it too!


Started the day with a cool foggy morning until the sun burned it all away. I had to go to North 40 for screws, bird feed, and some tomato plants. Once Oi got home the work continued on the deck.


The brackets all got screwed down to the tops of the beams to hold the stringers in place at every foot interval.


I started with the end beam and then used the brackets to set the middle beam brackets. It didn't take too long until I was ready to start putting the stringer boards on.


Before I got the boards in place I had to do a little shoring up of the wall beneath the corner of the deck. I stacked rocks up and wedged them in place.


Also had to pull out the deck railing that was being stored under the upper deck. It would have been a major pain in the ass the try and get them out once the stringers are in. I piled it off to the side and will store them under the lower deck for now until we decide how we want to install it.



The 2x6 boards were from a couple batches it seems since some of them measure 5 3/4" and have more squared edges where the normal boards are 5 5/8" and have rounded corners. Luckily there was enough of the normal ones for the stringers so the top surface is level across the deck.

I ran deck screws into the toe of the boards in the joist hangers to fix the main end.


The stringers all sit in the beams in the brackets. I had to put a pair of screws in each of the 30 brackets. I used a couple pieces of the decking laid across to kneel on as I got all the brackets done.


All the brackets done and the stringers solid I got the fascia boards on the end of the deck. These are what the decking butts against on the edge and covers the ends of the decking.


Finally the decking boards started to get placed and screwed down on every stringer. 17 stringers wide and about 26 or 27 boards deep means almost 500 of the clips are needed. and that many screws to put in.


I found the end stringers were a bit wobbly and not that stable so I added a couple of boards to lock them in place on both sides of the deck. It made the whole structure a lot more solid.



Found one board with a chunk missing from the middle bottom but I am pretty sure it won't cause a problem.


I got all the decking on slid onto the deck and J jumped on it and started dancing around in a fit of glee.


When I mounted the main board holding the joist hangers apparently it is not level front to back so it makes the decking a slight bit off compared to the upper. On one side it is about 1 1/2 inches and the other side is about 1/4 inch. This means I have to slightly increase the gap on the thin side to take up the 1 1/4 inch difference.



The bulk of the afternoon was spent in this position with this view.


@stryeyz got home from work and then helped me work on the screws and boards. SO MANY SCREWS.


The end of the boards that I am gapping wider. I also will have to cut the ends of the boards flush once all installed so the fascia board with cover the ends.


Jax is super happy and approves highly of the deck.


The whole family working on the deck together.


This is where we stopped for the evening. My thumbs, knees, and wrist were torched and I just wanted to sit down with a beer.


I did get a fire going though before dinner which we ate on the new deck.


Today I had to get grain and go to Home Depot for more deck clips and brackets/hangers. We are going to try and finish the decking install today and will likely have it done by early afternoon.

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Awesome! When I'll finish the house, I’ll also start building deck. My wife asks me to build it around the whole house.

That will look great around your place. We were talking about the same thing last night. Eventually building a deck over looking our creek on the back side of the house. Would be a LOT more involved than this one though but would give us nearly full circle decking.

Were you using Trex for the decking? We're thinking of using it on the front porch.

Looking good!

It's Fiberon, just like Trex. Home Depot has it and it is cheaper than Trex plus the color is good.

That's a really good looking deck!

I see spring is well along where you live. Not so much here...