Building our Deck - Part 3 - FINISHED

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Yesterday we did it!! The deck is now done and looks bad ass. With its completion we now have added an extra 320 sqft of usable living space to our house which is a wonderful thing. Our house is not super big so the extra space is very handy and useful.


I started the day by going to town to pick up grain and then Home Depot for more decking fasteners and brackets. The sheep were super happy to have grain again and the birds piled into the pen to munch away as well.


Having neglected the farm for a couple days while building I had to do a good walk around after unloading the grain. @stryeyz worked on getting the rest of the decking in place with the boys and I attended the garden. The radishes pout off the first couple and are our first harvest of the season, aside from chives.


Sooo. Many. Screws.

The sunny day was nice and warm though so it made the work a bit easier.


All but the last 2 boards locked in place I had to cut the ends of every stringer since they were an inch or so too long. I used the decking for my guide and marked each stringer. I lifted the 2 boards back then used the saw to lop each one down.




The fascia board I started with had to get cut down a bit as well to allow the front fascia to sit correctly.


With the stringers cut and the last deck board down I just had to toe screw it in place.

You can see the over hang of the decking on the right side of the stringer so I had to take a 12 foot 2x6 and clamp it to the deck as my guide. I used the skilsaw to cut the ends of the decking down flush with the end stringer. The fascia boards went up easily and with that the deck was finished.






While moving the plants around on the deck I found my spider plant had gotten a bit root bound in its little pot so I had to get it potted up. Pretty crazy how fat the roots are on it.



With it being a nice warm day we went down to the creek for a dip and to cool off.


Making sour dough pizza crust on the new deck for dinner.


After dinner we all went for a hike up the hillside to see the sunset. The flowers are all blowing up and the hill is littered with various blossoms. It was a nice end to a busy ass 3 days.






Now that the deck is done I can get back to working around the farm. Lots of things are sprouted and I have a bunch of work to do on the pole bean garden.

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Very cool! A lovely big deck, plenty of extra room.

We spent the day with the woodstove going, it's so cold and windy here! Seeing them in the creek....brrrrr! LOL

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