Picking and Prepping for Shed - Saturday

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Yesterday was a bit more mellow for me after this past week, or longer. I managed to get the center island built and the pergola on the deck while picking for hours in between projects. While both are not fully complete they are to a good point where I am not pressed to work on them as much. They are both built and now just need finishing up.

It was a lighter day on the squash as I only was able to pick 30, down from the prior few days of 50s. There will be days like this though as the plants have to catch up to my pickings. I am still waiting on the Slik Pik summer squash plants to start producing.


I pulled a nice stack of cucumbers from the main garden and a single from the pole bean garden. I ma quite happy with the varieties of cucumber this year and they are producing nicely. The cucs are not super spiny and have small seeds.


On the pergola I installed 4 of these standoff bolts. They are run into the beam to hold the ropes for the hammocks away from the brackets to keep pressure off of them and to keep the rope from running over the metal. I am trying to make sure the pergola will be in solid shape for many years and reduce the possibilities of screwing it up.


The first handful of cherry tomatoes were ripe. The sun gold are always the first to ripen in the garden. Theses few got devoured instantly by the four of us.


The Bumble Beetles are out in force on the thistle. They love to burrow into the flower head and eat away at them. This one flew off shortly after its photo op. As long as they stay here in the thistle I am good, I just don't need them finding my sunflowers as they do some serious damage to them.


The next major project is the shed build. This is going to be a bit of a bear to get going but it has to start somewhere. I back the truck up to the stack and loaded up 15 pier blocks. I drove around the garden and dropped them all on the ground. I then drove back around and loaded up all the 2x6 pressure treated for the floor joists and runner beams. The 2x6s all got piled on the ground just outside the footprint for the shed.


I have a shit ton of clearing to do to make an area for the shed. I am mainly concerned with getting anything bigger hacked out of the way now. To start the pier blocks have to get set in their relative spots, leveled and straightened. Then I will build three 20ft long beams that will be the primary runners that will be on the pier blocks which will have the whole shed atop. These beams are what I will use to determine level and then 4x4 posts will be installed on the pier blocks. Once the main beams are in and level I can start building the floor.


Today I will watch the last Premiere League matches then will be back out picking and starting work on the shed. There are plenty of other things to do and who knows what will take precedence.

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