Picking, Pergola, Stairs, and Center Island - Friday

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Wow. I am actually accomplishing things. Yesterday started off nice and early in the garden picking squash to fill out my order that I then delivered to the valley. 46 pounds of beans and 300 summer squash. My biggest sales day ever.


After I got home form my drive I headed out to the pole beans to pick through them and see how they are getting on. Of the 6 rows only 3 are producing so far with the Fortex doing the best. Some pretty insanely long beans coming off the plants, some beans are over a foot long and these are not even the noodle beans. I still got about 6 pounds of beans from the garden. I have to get back to the bush beans today and get them picked.


Back in the house I made a rubber plug for the water valve for the dishwasher. I have a dual port valve so that I can run the cold water to the sink but it is not installed yet and we wanted to run the dishwasher. So far it looks like it is holding well. I have to look at the valve and check on a small leak but otherwise it is working.


The pergola was up but I had not fixed the stringers to the beam. I placed a bracket under each and centered them all on the foot marks. These brackets are great and work wonders in this application.


With all of them screwed down tight the pergola became a nice and solid structure.


Next was the stairs for the deck. It took a minute to figure out how I was going to attach the stairs to the deck but I am pretty happy with how it came out.


I used 4 pieces of 2x6 to fix the stairs to the deck from the back side of the end joist.


I pulled the rocks from the foot of the stairs to help make it more level but I will have to go back and redo it so it is a stronger more solid base.


A quick cutting of the spare decking pieces and I quickly had it installed. The boys made sure to test the stairs out with a barrage of up and down the stairs.


The port to the attic got re-done. I pulled the one cross piece and the attached 2x4 and moved it out 6 inches while cutting 6 inches from the end. Then made the frame for the hatch. It sits in the hole perfectly and even wedges itself in for now. I will be putting a bit of trim on the underside as a stop for it once the lexan is on it.


Decided to pull out the old pieces of lexan and toss them on the pergola to see how it will feel with the cover on. The pieces are probably about 20 years old but they are good enough for the time being. New stuff will be nice since it will be clear and not scuffed.


Pretty happy with the stairs and for now they are solid enough. I will pull them and fix the foot this weekend.


Back on the kitchen center island I installed all the door latches. It is extremely nice the feel of the doors locking into place when they are closed.


Finally after getting all the door latches installed we lugged the counter top into the kitchen to install it. Due to the warp of the plywood I needed @stryeyz to weight it down so I could get it installed level. I started with the narrower end and worked towards the other end.


Before applying the formica I made sure to install my brackets to the underside with pilot holes drilled. The screws are all hidden beneath the formica that attach the counter top to the brackets.


I am stoked that I built the shelf so strong. I was able to lay down on it without it even as much as flexing. I had the family apply weight to different sides as I fastened everything down tight.


The first thing to take place on the new kitchen center island was a little short family meditation.


The granite works great to hold the corner down where the sink will be going. For the time being we are going to go without the sink to get a feel for the island. I have to trim the edges of the formica back so there are not razor edges at kids' eye height. That will be the tricky part as I don't want to chip the edge. I think I will use tape on the top to hopefully keep it from chipping.


I am damned happy with how this has turned out. We have an immense amount of storage space now where all of our small kitchen appliances can go. Our kitchen will have so much more room and look so much cleaner.


Things are looking better. I am nearly done with the pergola, the deck is all in aside from the railing, the center island is mostly done, and the garden is kicking ass.


The cherry on top of the day was when I put up the hammocks on the pergola. The spacing is just about perfect for them to each have space between the posts. The whole family is super stoked to have them up.


Today I hope to get more picking done, maybe work on the stair footing, clean up my messes from the building, and try and take a breather after this busy ass week.

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DANG!!! Look at you go!! Nice work!!! That back deck/patio area looks great, not to mention that center island. Well done!!


Thanks! It's actually our front deck and now with the pergola it really feels like we have an extra 120 sqft of house. Need to figure out how to attach the bug netting to surround it next.

What an excellent day! I'd NEVER have thought of doing meditation on the top of the island! Loved the photo!