Produce and Beginning the Shed Build - Sunday

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Yesterday was slightly productive. Squirrel stopped by the front screen door in search of scraps which he rooted around the deck to find before I tossed him some seeds in his dish. Dude is pretty funny but has moved past the handling stage to being a full fledged adult squirrel. He spends the bulk of his time in the trees and bushes along the creek. I've seen him climbing around the tips of the berry bushes devouring the remaining June berries.


40 squash for the day was a little bump from the prior day. The Chiffon are really doing well and producing nicely.


I realized that I had installed the few handles on the doors in the center island wrong. I had them in the middle of the doors which meant having to bend down to open the doors. I moved the handles to the tops of the doors and it is perfect height to just reach down and open. I am waiting on the rest of the handles to deliver this week.


The shed build has begun. First I had to haul 3 sticks of 2x6 back to the house so I could cut them in half to build the main support beams. I then hauled the stack back to the shed site.


First steps in the build are getting the 20 foot long beams built from four 10ft 2x6s each. It is a good way to use up some of the less than perfect 2x6s.


The point in this is to get myself a guide for locating the pier blocks and making the "outline" of the shed. I will use the beams as my means of making everything level and squared before I start putting the floor joists on.


The 3 beams are going to be set 4 feet apart on center which will give a less than 1 foot over hang front and back but will be flush on the ends.


I will have to raise the low ends up about 12-18 inches or so to get everything level. I have a bunch of clearing and digging to do to get it all set right but I want to make sure it is solid as this is the support for the shed.


Before dinner I made a pass through the garden and picked some more cucumbers that have gotten big enough. The plants are all producing quite well now and I just might get to the point of having enough to list for sale.


Today starts the HOT weather so I am going to be doing most of my work before noon and try and find things to do inside in the afternoons. Hopefully the house can be kept cool during the days. Opening at night and getting it as cold as possible has been working pretty well.

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We've been doing this, working early mornings, for a good part of this summer. Unfortunately, if it lasts longer than 3 days, and the temps remain in the 70's at night, the house does not cool down. So the AC is running in the living room, and the rest of the house is just plain hot. :((

I had been wondering about Squirrel...

Supposed to be at or over 100F here the next 4 or 5 days. It is all I can do sometimes to keep the house around 70F when it is so balmy at nights. We have 1 window ac unit that has to cover the whole house. The layout makes it so I can use fans to move the air around pretty effectively. Just have to be on top of it or else the house just won't cool down.

Squirrel has gotten a bit bitey as he has gotten older. He just pops around in the mornings and evenings now.