Shed, Squirrel, and HEAT - Wednesday

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It was oppressively hot yesterday and today will be even hotter. First thing was the picking of the squash which gave me another 40 towards my Friday delivery. I only need another 50 to fulfill the order which I will easily get. I had been through the bean rows in the garden earlier in the week but now I need to get to the pole beans before it gets to the heat of the day. I need another 25 pounds of them for Tuesday delivery.


Found an oops in the kitchen. Apparently the water valve was leaking and got water all over. I tossed a fan in to let it help dry out the wood.


I spent a couple hours working on the shed. Getting my head around the project I grabbed some stakes and my contractors string then I made the perimeter of the shed. This gave me the lines to measure from to place the pier blocks.


I set the end blocks and then staked the inner blocks after measuring them for accuracy.

At this point I had a bit of a surprise. J came running up to the new shed yelling that Squirrel was in the house.....


So we ran down to the house and the boys had been trying to use cereal to lure him outside. He was on the living room floor munching away when I walked in. I put my gloves on then reached down and grabbed him and hauled him outside. He was a bit upset by it but I set him on the tree after telling him "You are NOT an inside animal!" He sulked and sat on the branch and preened a bit. I presume he got in through the dog door.... When I came back inside after putting him out I found he had been on my desk by my computer as he left me a couple little turds by my mouse. No pics since I was trying to get him outside as quickly as possible.


After the Squirrel incident...

This is really just to get the location of the blocks, I will go back and dig some down deeper and level them out.


I got the 2 beams in line on the pier blocks before the sun started to blaze down on the area. I have shade for a good part of the morning but have to pick as well as take care of the boys so I am not getting a ton of time.


The best thing on these hot ass days is our creek. The boys were happy in the house so I took my action cam and went down for a dip. The temperature difference between the house and the tunnel is over 10 degrees thanks to the shade of the trees and the constant breeze coming from the tunnel.


I dropped the camera into the water and ran it around for a while. When I checked the video later I saw our trout. Pretty cool seeing them all feeding in the falls. I pulled a screen shot from it.


The bugs are out in force and the beetles are really making themselves known. Not the best at flying I keep getting little thwacks on me as the beetles barrel into me.


Spent some time in the little creek working on raking the rocks around some more. R spent time playing in the creek while I raked. There is a pretty deep undercut upstream that I am trying to fill with rock to keep it from eating away at the bank.


Once @stryeyz got home from work we went back to the tunnel to cool off in the creek for a bit before dinner. After eating R made himself comfortable in the hanging chair while he ate on his Juneberry crisp.


While J and I spent some time in the hammocks.



Picking beans today after the squash then working on the shed before the heat hits after noon. I need to get the sprinkler on the beans for a while to give them a washing since we haven't had rain in a couple of weeks. The dust is bad for the leaves and the plants.

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That Squirrel! Just what you needed on a hot day!

Pretty good progress on the shed, considering the heat.

Looking back I probably was a bit tough on him but I really don't want him getting the idea that he is an inside animal. He is not THAT tame. Smart little shit watching the cat and dog use the pet door.