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So it was a 2 day wave of squash as I got another load of over 50 yesterday. From the looks of it I won't hit that today but I will know once I get out and pick. I already dropped off the co-op orders this morning which was a nice 110 pounds. Over 360 pounds of beans have gone out so far this year and 1200 squash.


Loaded up the windows into the truck and drove them up to the shed. I was a bit concerned at first but once the tailgate closed it kept them all nice and tight so they didn't move in transit.


After the windows I hauled a load of 2x4s up and stacked them for the walls.


I started with the east wall and got the framing all done. It took a bit to design it out but it came together nicely.


I got it in place and fastened it to the back wall and the floor.


The window is tacked into it so we have a nice visual of what it will be like. I also found I needed to add a spacer on the top but it was a perfect fir for a 2x4. The window fits just right and has just a tiny bit of play.


The middle of the day was a scorcher and I didn't get back up to the shed for a couple of hours, not until the clouds came over and a least took the direct sun away. The west wall came next and it took some laying out of the pieces and some re-cuts to get it in the shape and size I want. I have a 24"x60" hole for the window, enough room for a 32" wide door, and he door is placed in the middle of the wall.


I tacked the hinged opening window in place with a couple of screws.

The stairs are going to be built to run along the shed towards the back wall. I will build a small deck for this end of the shed which we can then tie the larger front deck into when I build it so that we will have a partial wrap around deck.


There be walls there!


The door I have currently is a 30" wide one so I added a 2x4 to the hinge side and with a bit of 1x2 I will have it working for now. I can always pop the 2x4 off when we get a real door that can handle newer handle hardware. This one has a skeleton key setup which is not conducive to a newer type handle.


Creek time again. After sweating my ass off on the hot shed floor it was nice to soak in the water for a bit.


R is getting more adventurous and has walked himself through the deepest parts of the pool now. It helps the dog was not splashing and making the water murky. The clear water helps him see where he is going.


As I stood in the garden picking a couple for pounds of beans for today's order I noticed the crazy bright sunset. It ended up turning dark red, most likely from the fires burning in and around the Cascades.


Co-op delivery done for the day I have to pick more beans after the squash, try to get a sliding glass door figured out for the shed, and maybe get some of the front wall built. All while trying to stay cool in the nearly 100F heat. At least it is a dry heat.

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I took one look at all those windows, and no bracing, and hoped there would be no wind! Wind is a big deal here and every single wall, no matter how small was double braced as it went up. Often the braces were left in place until the plates were on.

What is this shed for? I love all the big windows. :))

Our lower property is very protected from winds and we rarely get strong gusts blowing through. It is really nice to not have to brace everything against hurricanes.

It is the craft shed and will be a mass of shelving for storage of the bulky fiber, cloth, and other things we want out of the attic and house with a couple of nice big tables. It will have 4 windows and a slider on the front wall and the 2 windows on the ends. @stryeyz is SUPER excited to have it being built!

I bet she is! Those windows will be lovely for light for working crafts.

damn, good job!

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It looks like the shed project is coming along pretty well.

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