Thunderstorm Drenching Monday

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Quite the pair of thunderstorms that came rolling over us yesterday. The first one started around 3:00pm and it dumped 0.21 inches of rain in about 15 minutes. The thunder was all around the farm for a while. It had stopped raining and the thunder was still loud to the North East. I was sitting at my computer and J was on the couch and we both got super startled when a thunder clap happened DIRECTLY over the house. It sounded like a tree exploded but I couldn't find any strike and the power never flickered. I full on jumped in my chair like I have rarely done before.

Before the storms came through the boys and I were shuttling baby mantis out of the house to the deck that had escaped the cage. One of the boys yells there is a bee and when I turned around I saw this bumblebee on the deck with it's arm in the air waving at us. I was shaking its butt and waving its arm at us. It did this for less than a minute but I managed 2 pictures of it. It flew off into the chokecherry trees and I lost sight of it. This was a first for me.



Finally after getting the boys to finish lunch we went out to the garden and unloaded the masses of baby mantis. I had so many that I had to pull the remaining cases out and then pour the mantis into the boys hands so they help spread them in the strawberries and grasses. I dumped a bunch into the rhubarb which I hoped gave them some good cover under the leaves for the downpours.


Squirrel has a new and better cage. I had this old rabbit cage I had made that was in serious disrepair and was sitting out back. I had to cut out a bunch of repair pieces and cover holes in the cage but I got it all together and then under the carport. He wasn't too into the various bedding options I was giving him.


I ended up bringing him inside for the first thunderstorm and as we sat watching the storm in the living room he ended up passing out curled up in my hands cupped in my lap. After a bit of thought I went and got a small shoe box from some climbing shoes and put a pair of small towels inside, a hole in the side, and let him check it out. He was super excited and instantly burrowed into the towels and passed out. I set him and his new bed into the cage and I didn't see him all afternoon. He was tired.


I got my order of plucker fingers in the mail. 75 rubber fingers that need to get swapped with the old ones in the plucker drum. It is going to be a bit of a pain since I have to disassemble the plucker to get the drum out but it will be super well worth it. The plucker is one of the best things ever for butchering birds. Anyone who has had to hand pluck a bird will really appreciate it.




Total of 0.48 inches of rain from the 2 storms total, 0.21 from the first and 0.27 from the second. There is still more floating around the area this morning but it is not as developed as yesterday.


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I see the bee is also your new avatar. Nice!

As soon as I looked at the pic to send it to my wife I knew I needed it cropped for my avatar. Was super cool to see the bee twerking and waving.

I need to get a rain gauge....

If you want to be part of the nation wide network you can go get an official CoCoRaHS gauge and input your daily precip into the app. I have been daily since Aug 13 last year and I have not missed a day.

Nope, that's a bit much for me. Just would be nice to know what we got here on the farm...