Got wood...Know how to use it...

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Here's my wood. What do you think, looks hard huh? Pretty long too. Oh the things I planned to do with that wood today...You know, give it a good screwing. Hmm yeah, what a way to spend Sunday!

The image above shows me gripping my wood in both hands with Faith behind the camera. This is in the carpark before I tossed my wood, into the trailer, and took it home for screwing.

Today was a chores day at home and I had a list of things I wanted to get done:

  • Pick up my trailer from my storage facility
  • Load it up at home with associated stuff
  • Take it to the dump (waste transfer station) and unload
  • Head to Bunnings to get wood (Big hardware warehouse here in Aus)
  • Help Faith in the garden with some heavy lifting
  • Make bench system in my workshop with wood
  • Tidy and organise in workshop (gun stuff mainly)
  • Have some lunch and a rest in the air conditioning
  • Back into the workshop for some more organising
  • Tidy up, put tools away and call it a day

That's pretty much it I guess, in a nutshell.

We started at about 8am and went through until just after 5pm, so a pretty good days work...And I utilised my wood with such skill! Yep, I'm pretty pleased with how my new bench turned out.

I have a pretty solid steel-framed bench in my workshop. It is one of those old school benches, out of an art room, so is a little higher than a normal bench allowing me to pull up a bar-stool to it, sit and work with ease. It's pretty cool, but not big enough. Fortunately it has a laminated wood bench top and so I had the idea to extend it.

I ended up manoeuvring it, (with great difficulty as it's heavy), into a corner thinking that an 'L'-shaped bench top would be cool, to make better use of the corner. I had a large piece of thick ply-board, about 50mm (2") thick and almost 180cm (6 feet) long laying around, a remnant of a previous handyman job. It's nice and wide at 800mm. Perfect for a bench top.

I don't want to overstate the difficulty level here folks, it was really all quite elementary. I set the ply on top of the existing bench, levelled it up and screwed it down. Obviously that meant the ply board was unsupported at one end which is where the wood I purchased came in.

After measuring the distance from the bottom of my new bench top to the concrete floor I simply created a couple of legs to support it. These were cut to length, 905mm, then simply screwed to a support piece to create two 'T' shaped legs which I screwed to the underside of the bench top after applying some liquid nails. (I typically over-engineer things.)

It wasn't really difficult and is certainly well-within my skill-set and the only thing I needed to buy was the wood for the legs. Job done.

We got a lot done today between the two of us today and things are looking pretty good around here now, clean and tidy with no excess items hanging around. We enjoy spending days like this, quietly working together and individually, towards a single goal. I'm lucky that my wife Faith is pretty hands on, especially in the garden as she loves gardening, and will pitch in where needed; She's good like that and we both feel a great sense of achievement.

Oh, something else cool happened...When we were taking the photo you see I found $20! Yep, it was just blowing along the ground in the wind and I snaffled it up. So...Not only got wood, but got free wood as it paid for the purchase we'd just made. (Thanks ye gods of wood!)

Anyway, that was Sunday so far. We're now showered up, separately unfortunately, and waiting for pizza to arrive for dinner. There's a couple of movies lined up tonight and that'll round out the weekend.

How was your weekend and what did you get up to. Did you get wood too?

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All the foreplay and no display of the bench itself? You're a naughty boy!

Unfortunately I can't photograph my work bench without also getting my gun safes in shot and I'm not willing to do that, so yeah, no photos. It's not that exciting anyway, it's a bare piece of ply. I would have thought a picture of myself would be excitement enough for the masses though.

Fair enough. Safety first!

Hahaha. You work with wood too? That's awesome

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Only sometimes, when something comes up and the need arises.

Isn't it incredible that we every now and then find notes floating around. Haven't had that happen for a while as maybe people are more careful now that we are going through a recession. Galen the carpenter. This is when you wish for a 3 day weekend as it doesn't seem to go anywhere.

The best I ever did was $50 which was a good day. Today...Well, $20 was a nice little windfall making my carpentry exploits much more cost-effective. 3-day weekend? OK, now you've done it...If I don't go to work tomorrow I'm blaming you...Aussies love their sickies you know! Lol.

Funny I actually enjoy work so sometimes think the weekend gets in the way. $50 is pretty decent. many times I get the wrong change back from the shop tellers and probably could have done quite well on what I have handed back. It is all about Karma though and being honest lol.

I don't mind my job either actually, I have complete autonomy and pretty much do what I want, when I want so...Just make jokes because why not I guess. I have hd three days off sick from work in four years, when I had an operation, so sickies is not something I do. Joking around is though.

I think you've exhausted all the wood puns out there but I hope you've saved a bit of energy for later ;)

Enjoy pizza and the movies, sounds like a fine way to spend the evening.

Damn it, the longest part of writing that post was trying to come up with the wood jokes. I almost gave up but found my second wind and went harder. Lol.

I was so very chuffed with my carpentry (and finding the $20) that I thought something light-hearted would be good....Especially after yesterdays post.

I felt this post was a bit flaccid then became very erect with the bench building.😁

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Now flaccid is a word I should have used in the post! Damn it!

Well, at least someone was on ball and put it in.

Cheers. Lol.

Tron is a bit flaccid in the steemy marriage :)


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Nothing like reading a post and starting it off with a couple of good laughs.
Another dude with a sense of humor.
This is where SO MUCH of the value for me comes from, with my being involved with this platform, ENTERTAINMENT.

Sounds as though Faith has a green thumb, and enjoys getting her hands in the dirt. @farm-mom loves getting a little dirty also.
By the time the spring thaw comes, she is chomping at the bit to start gardening.
Nothing like having a partner who enjoys pitching in when there are things to be done.

Enjoying doing things as a team, allows you to appreciate each other's company for a greater part of a day.
Nothing like staying busy and knocking things off of the list.
When all is said and done, and especially When done in tandem, there is a real sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

Sounds like the bench turned out just like you planned.

What have we been doing you ask, just a lot relaxing and seeing things. We arrived at Robin's sister's house yesterday and are gearing up to spend the day in the sun having fun/

Later @galenkp.

Hi @galenkp Wow, all that on a Sunday. What happened to six days of labor, then rest, relax, and enjoy, lol.

Have a great rest of your day.

I guess the Gimble is not working...?

How We all Wood love to see some live action of You Sporting Your Wood.....

Nothin' wrong with a Little Lumber Yard Soft Porn I say...!!!!

I will only use the gimbal for video and as I'll really only post video of Lego here that's about all people will see from the gimbal. I have played around with it and it's pretty good though, will come in handy.

Just watched gimble promo video u posted again. Please post soon how the thing works when You master it.

It is in my Cart and I will be getting one in a month or 2..... Unless You tell us it is awful....?

It's not awful.

I've only had one go at it and learned a few critical things.

  • Balancing the phone in the cradle is critical
  • Some steadiness on the part of the user is still required.

It seems easy enough to use but the instructions that come with it are pathetic. Best to watch some YouTube vids which I haven't been able to do just yet.

There's some tricks to shooting things low down at ground level which I will need due to me shooting Lego mostly.

I still have to work out the functions but the unit itself is pretty easy to use. The tracking feature works well too. It allows you to select an area or subject and walk around it whilst the camera stays locked on it. Seems to work ok, but one can't move too quickly.

I'm sure it has limitations but for me I think it will do the job really well. I would suggest that if you do video you need one.

Do I do video..... I love vids. So much easier for Me than writing.

Here is last fridays clip. One of 3.

With the Gimble I believe I could have made an Epic video.... Lol

Let Me know if You can view this vid link. You and the gimble are mentioned.....

The video worked. I think with the gimbal you would get a much better result for sure. Get it set in landscape so you get a wider angle and with the more stable gimbal scenario your video would come out far smoother. I think you would get a lot of use from it to be honest.


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Here's my wood. What do you think, looks hard huh? Pretty long too. Oh the things I planned to do with that wood today...You know, give it a good screwing. Hmm yeah, what a way to spend Sunday!

The image above shows me gripping my wood in both hands with Faith behind the camera.

That's some hard wood, and I'm intrigued by the girth that you have there. What's that, a 2x4? ;-)

Nothing like a bit of 2x4 huh? Good, hard wood that! Lol.

Some really solid wood. I'd take my hammer to that any time ;-)

Sick puppy. 😂

Did that pizza dinner include beer? Great combo ain't it? Do they charge you to take stuff to the dump or waste plant or whatever they call it?

Nah, no beers that night; I rarely drink alone and Faith doesn't drink at all.

The dump/waste transfer station? Yep, a 6x4 foot trailer costs $60 to dump - No tyres or asbestos though. I get one free voucher per year and used that on Sunday. Because my mother in-law ives in the same council zone she gets one too, and I use that too, for her place and mine. I make sure the trailer is loaded up well, and completely full so those two vouchers tend to take care of a years worth of stuff generally. All good.

That voucher is a good deal otherwise it's pretty expensive I think. We have a big ravine at the back of our property so we throw old tires and such in there. It's an erosion issue so we're trying to fill it up anyway so it works out well.

I wish I had a ravine too...Alas I have to go to the dump. Still, they sort through it and deal with it responsibly so that's not a bad thing, and yes, the free vouchers help.

I think they're supposed to sort through it here too but I don't think they do from what I hear. That would take alot of work!

Yes, I wonder how effectively it gets done here too.

Back in the day it never happened but these days at the dump we have to unload the contents of our trailers in front of huge bins that are set down below ground level. They are shipping-container sized. Metal goes to one side for recycling and the other stuff gets sorted and either dumped into the bins by a front-end loader or moved away for recycling.

It seems to work and it all looks like a slick organisation on-site with piles of recyclables stacked up and removed daily.

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

That's pretty impressive sir galenkp, sounds like the real thing and very legitimate. It should be for how much they charge!

They charge crazy prices...Which is why we're seeing all sorts of things dumped at the side of the road in places, not just in the lower demographic suburbs either. It is what it is though I guess.

Get this $11 to take a tyre (tire) to the dump off the rim...$16 if it is on the rim! Seriously. I have 5, off one of my off-roaders at home that I have to dump...Need to wait until I win the lottery to get the money! Lol. I need a ravine like yours.