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A while back I connected with the legit and stand-up guy @freedompoint, from America, who made me a custom drop point knife then sent it all the way down to me here in Australia.

I wanted a tough knife to take the beating I'd give it in the harsh Aussie bush, and one that would hold a sharp edge for all the cutting it would do. It had to look rustic and to feel nice in the hand, solid and with a slightly forward balance. And what did I get? Well, I got exactly that!

It was cool because he posted videos of him building it and I got to watch it come together. You can see the end product here in a post I did a few days after receiving it.


Considering how sharp the knife is, and the fact I would be carrying it around as I hunt, cull and in general around the outback, I needed a sheath for it. I decided to stay away from the more modern look of Kydex, which is a plastic product easily moulded precisely to receive a knife, and go instead for the more traditional leather option.

I ended up choosing a place in the small Adelaide Hills town of Hahndorf, a small leather-working business that has been there for as long as I can recall.

After discussions with the young leatherworker I left the knife (reluctantly) and sat back to wait for the completed product. Here's the rustic-looking shop below, in the main street of Hahndorf. The town is a mecca for tourists and a cool little spot. (Loads of good bakeries too!)

Due to the sharpness of the knife I decided to go for a very tough, thick and robust leather. It has also been made in a fairly plain manner to make it more suitable for heavy use, and the environments it will operate in; An ornate sheath would not have matched the knife or its purpose at all. The blade, and sheath, will be at my hip all the time and so the sheath will take a hammering through use.

I added a clip around the handle although it sits snugly within the sheath without it snapped up. I added the clip as a safety-net; There is no chance for the knife to slip out under any conditions.

I need to condition the leather using a product called dubbin; It makes the leather more supple also providing dust, dirt and water protection. It's a simple process.

One simply uses a soft cloth to rub the dubbin in then adds some heat by rubbing the product in with bare fingers; The heat from my hands will allow the leather to more-readily soak up the dubbin. Once that is done a few times it will be good to go. I will repeat that process each year, or if the sheath gets wet.

The sheath cost me $70 which I thought was pretty good for a purpose-made and hand-crafted item. The workmanship is pretty good and it will certainly do the intended job. Am I pleased? Yep.

The sheath now completes the knife and it's time to get it out and earning its keep. @freedompoint asked yesterday "when will it will see some action?". Soon brother, soon. By the way man, how good does the knife/sheath combo look! (Rhetorical, because awesome is the only answer.)

I'm sure it'll perform for many years and when I am done with it I will pass it down to my nephew here in Australia sheath and all; He will make it cut for more years I'm sure.

Thanks to @freedompoint for taking the time to produce this knife. If you're interested in one for yourself or a gift hit him up on one of his posts and I'm sure he'll be able to help you with whatever it is you require. He can make any sort of knife, not just drop points like mine.

Thanks for reading.

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Looks like a very special gift, and a durable one like you said. I'd really like to have one. Or better a machete.

I believe I can improve my English by reading your posts. They are easy to read and have new interesting words to increase my vocabulary:

These words/expressions may be common for most of your readers, but are new for me:

  • legit
  • harsh
  • drop point knife
  • outback
  • sheath
  • take a hammering
  • snugly
  • supple
  • hand-crafted
  • earning its keep

I already looked them all up in the dictionary. Thank you!

By the way, I cannot up-vote from inside Steempeak. Is this a known issue?

Hey there, thanks for responding.

Yeah, I have a couple machetes, one in the shape of a Roman sword - A Gladius. What can I say, I like sharp things. Lol.

See image below.

Screen Shot 2020-02-14 at 2.05.37 pm.png

I'm glad you feel I can assist with your english. Never fail to contact me if there's a term or phrase I use that you don't understand, I will think more favourably if you do actually; It shows you want to improve your understanding of things.

Some of the things I say may be specific to Australia, slang I mean, but I'm always happy to explain anything to you. I'm not here to discombobulate you after all.

(Ok, that was a bit smart-ass of me. Lol - Discombobulate means to confuse. )

I just upvoted this comment from steempeak and it seemed to work so I'm not sure why yours isn't. I've never had any problems upvoting through steempeak. Maybe log out and back in? See if that makes a difference. Maybe they're changing nodes or some other techy thing that I am not aware of.

Thanks for commenting mate, always a pleasure to hear form you.


That's a beautiful sword, and that's a wonderful hobby, collecting sharp things.

When I saw Discombobulate I thought, right away:

"You're kidding me... that word doesn't exist"

The word exists indeed. Hope you don't change the way you write for what I said about following your English. For me, the way you write is perfect now.

I had to go to Steemit directly to vote. May be I have a problem with the Linux platform I'm using (Puppy Linux).

Greetings from a far-off land!

Haha, yeah it exists, and I was being a smart-ass. 😂 I write how I write and won't change...To be honest I try to find a balance when I write for steem. I like to write like I talk, and also add a few Australian slang words and phrases here and there also. It depends on the subject-matter. If it's a more serious post then I write that way I guess. I also try not to use big words where possible.

I do a lot of things in the outdoors, hiking, camping, hunting, culling, kayaking etc..I've always had the need for a knife and have many. Naturally that sometimes turns into a hobby of collecting them and whilst I don't have very many, the ones I have mean something to me.

One of my favourites is a World War One bayonet. It goes on the end of a Lee Enfield SMLE .303 rifle (which I also have) and saw service to 1918 in the war in the hands of an Australian soldier. It's one of my prized possessions. For the history of it. (I shoot the gun sometimes too.)

Anyway, I'm glad you're enjoying my posts. 🙂 Have a good weekend.

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I like your knife. The handle looks strong and sturdy because of its thickness. Good decision to buy a leather sheath, that gives it personality.

Hey there, thanks for stopping by. Yes, I agree that leather gives it a little more personality. Seems like everyone thinks the same, so we must be right! 🙂


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Holy cow! That is such an amazing look. I think you nailed the rough and rugged look. I hope it serves you well! Thank you for the kind words!

I had a really good look over the sheath last night and can see a bit of effort went into it. I'm really pleased with how it came out and I think it will stand the test of time, as will the knife. Thanks for putting so much effort into it mate, I'm really pleased with it, and the processes.

Awesome is the only answer to that question!!


It looks like a knife that will serve you well for many years 👍

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It's a pretty robust knife for sure. @freedompoint made it that was knowing it would actually get used and so needed to be resilient. I'm really quite pleased with the way it all turned out.

It really looks nice ! Cool that you could have the sheet made in Australia. It compliments the knife

Thanks mate. Yes, I agree it seems right to have made it in leather. Feels more appropriate for the life, less pretentious that kydex, and more old fashioned. I'm pleased with how it came out.

That will improve the usability of the knife👍

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Are you going for the crocodile Dundee look.

“That’s not a knife this is a knife”

Great to see your supporting the local craftsmen.

Haha, well I could say yes, but this one is a bit smaller than that one Mick Dundee had. Plus, his was probably rubber. Lol.

Yeah, that leather place has been in the main Street of Hahndorf for as long as I can recall and whilst I looked into other options it was my first preference.

What was the turn around time from you going in to you walking out with the product?

I didn't know that place did custom jobs, always thought it was a tourist trap. :D

I went in Sunday around 12pm. They called me to let me know it was done on Monday 2pm. Quick. Really good workmanship from the young lad.

Just enough time to find a park on the main drag...

I didn't expect it so quickly. I guess I got them at the right moment. I ended up driving there yesterday (during work hours), having a late breakfast and grabbing my sheath. As always the main Street was teeming with people. Managed to park though. Lol.

And now you have a gorgeous handcrafted set :) Soon as that sheath is good to go you're going to have to add some wear and tear to them ;D

Yes, they need to see some action...Soon enough. 🙂

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Awesome is right sir galenkp! wow. I love that sheath. The leathersmith shop is incredible too, it's such a dying art over here, I don't even know of any but I'm sure they're out there somewhere.

A mate of mine just had a holster and magazine belt pouches made in leather in the States. They came out really well, ornately. I'm not sure from where though. It's somewhere that has access to all the guns and magazines as they are custom made to fit. I wasn't about to send my knife back their for a custom job and was pleased I didn't have to in the end. The young lad here, about 22 years old, did a good job.

Very interesting sir galenkp...yes that young lad there did an amazing perfection job and it's great to know that young people are still doing that work. I bet it cost your friend a fortune to have that done here. lol. I'm sure it was worth it though.

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