New Video! DIY Cold Brew Coffee Tutorial and Cold Fashioned Mocktail Recipe

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Cold Brew Coffee has taken on a new popularity in the past few years. This caffeine-charged cold alternative to traditionally hot-brewed iced coffee has some great benefits if you are sensitive to the acid content regularly found in coffee.

It is typically a more expensive option on the coffee house menu, due to the larger amount of coffee beans necessary to make it. But thankfully, you can make great, coffee shop quality cold brew at home without a bunch of special equipment, and for a fraction of the cost!

There are a myriad of tools and devices now on the market to make your own cold brew at home. They range in price from just under $30 to honestly as much as you’d want to spend, but that special equipment isn’t necessary.

You can make a delicious and masterful cold brew for yourself at home. Check out my most recent video and learn how to make your own tasty cold brew, and get the recipe for the non-alcoholic “Cold Fashioned” mocktail!

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18 hour coffee? Sounds intense...

Cold brew is considered a coffee concentrate because of the long steep time. It’s necessary, because coffee extraction without using hot water is not as easy as with. The scalding water makes it way easier to pull out the coffee from the beans, but with cold brew there are a lot of benefits from taking that extra time to not have it touch any hot water. Lol, so is intense. It is super charged as far as caffeine goes, but it doesn’t wreck one’s guts like regs coffee.

I know a lot of places that assume serving it with milk, and they’re often surprised when I order it with “no room” left for milk. I drink that stuff straight. It’s like having sludge cup coffee without the sludge. Amaziiiiiiing.