Did some work on the boat // BEFORE - AFTER

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My excavator broke down. It cant rotate anymore for some reason. For now the vineyard work is on pause. Since the tourist season might be salvageable i jumped onto working on the boat.
Most of the stuff i did so far was related to the woodwork. I took all the wood down, sanded it down and applied protective coating.
Today i finally did some actual exciting work. Sanded the boat down, filled up the scratches and painted the boat in navy blue.

Let me know what you think.
I think it looks cooler. Looks faster. 🙂
I removed the tacky stickers, still a few left on the top side and just went to town. I might paint another blue section on the upper side but that will go under consideration first. I dont want to overdo it.

Lets go a step further though. If this post gets $50 at payout i put a red Hive logo on the boat.😘
I dont think thats too unreasonable lol.


So here are the photos.




WhatsApp Image 20200523 at 20.11.01.jpeg

Thats tape at the bottom of the blue section you use when youre painting stuff. Dont mind it. :)

Next post will prolly be about the interior. It was kind of a mess when i bought the boat so i didnt take pics. You get only the AFTER shots in that case. lol

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Is it an inboard engine? Volvo Penta? What size, power?...etc
Give us some details man... Yes, the painting is nice, I bet it can master waves quite smooth but, I want to know more about it. If I were to guess, I'd say it's a Volso Penta, some 4 liters diesel with about 130-150 HP, or an outboard, a Honda or something with something like 100-150 HP. Am I wrong, something way more aggressive under the hood?

Its a petrol v6 inboard engine 205 HP. Its sitting outside the boat atm.
My biggest concern was the paintjob honestly since everything else is working properly. Ill be renting it this summer and the boat looked a bit out of style and worn down.

That boat is a Tim Taylor special!

Googles Tim Taylor... Remembers. :)

Haha, I thought you might have to look that up :)

i like your very professional looking dry docking stands you got there. Very expert!

Lol. I wouldnt say theyre expert. Theyre functional. :D

For a moment, I thought you gave your boat a dozen motors in the back. lol

Lol. That would be something.

good work! haha yeah! looks faster! hah

Thats what matters. :)

Since the tourist season might be salvageable i jumped onto working on the boat.

Do you think the tourist season will be back in gear? And also, which tourism do you support?

Im hoping for a good 2 months, July and August.
What do you mean by which tourism?
Sun, Sea and Sand. :)