Mini DIY Typewriter

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About a year ago, I made a mini typewriter using popsicle sticks.

I was really on a plan to make a miniature house, but was to lazy to do it. When I found myself scrolling into vintage typewriters, I had an urge to make a mini version of it.

The source of inspiration was Governors Land typewriter, an imitation to Gourland typewriter, made only for display.

I only had a scissor (for paper use) to cut the popsicle sticks, so it had crude edges. If I were to do it again, I might use a quality cutter and a sandpaper to improve its roughness.

I hand-painted it with acrylic paint then sprayed with a glossy acrylic spray. Maybe it looked better with matte?

The photoshoot was done with a DIY setup using a wide watercolor paper and a daylight LED bulb.

Mini Typewriter

Unlike those who can work on tiny details, tiny crafts is hard for me.

But I do like this mini typewriter. I plan to recreate it soon with better materials and hopefully a not-so-rough output.

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It nice to remember how important the typewriter was in the past.

I was able to see/play with a typewriter in my lifetime, but haven't actually use it. I just pressed every button so the metals clump together. Hahha!

When my mom was taking up Computer Science, they started with typewriters and code with MSDOS (don't know how that works). When I used my first computer (WinXP) the small floppy disk was the craze. When I graduated in college (Win10), 500GB was the default HDD. Right now there's 1TB+ SATA. People are writing through PC, tablets, and smartphones.

In the next few years, all those might be obsolete too, what would replace it all? 😁

That very interesting to me as I spent many hour typing on the old traditional typewriters. I could type accurately 60 or 70 words per minutes in the sixty's. Also in the military I was a Radio Teletype Team Chief where we used teletype machines to communicate across Europe.

When I started in computer science in 1971 we used IBM punch cards machines to run our computer programs. I still consider myself somewhat of an expert on MS DOS as many of the game programs I wrote in the 80’s used batch programming.

Your post about typewriters reminded me of my history with typewriters.

Wow, that's a book worthy story! Maybe you could share more about it in a memoir :)

I'm both fascinated by history and tech. Typewriters were basic necessity for people in the academe and for pre-graduates. Computer labs soon replaced it, word processors are more efficient to use. When visiting the research section of the library, there was a sudden jump from typewritten papers to printouts. In less than a century, typewriters were gone. Even kids don't understand the real use of the common digital icon logos, like the save button, which were just a representation of real objects in the pre-Apple/Windows era.

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