Benchtop, Mushrooms and Hazel Hooks: Playing With Details

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Our van - well, our sister in laws van, since we don't think we are driving it anywhere this year - is looking pretty spankingly gorgeous for an old T4 short wheel base. We're pretty pleased with the results so far, even though we've done it a lot on the cheap and without being able to got to any DIY stores!!! We're really happy with the clean lines at the back.


We made benchtops out of decking wood given by my brother in law. I was a bit depressed about them to be honest, as I wanted proper nice benchtops, but with a sand and an oil, they came up really well. Even better than that, the sheet of perspex Jamie picked up from my mother in law makes for a nice splashback to the bench. I ordered the Observers Book of Mushrooms from Ebay for 5 pound, as I wanted the cute illustrations to go behind the glass. I love it - it is starting to look like a woodland foraging van!


Keeping with the Somerset theme, we managed to get an old Hawkwind CD in as a divider for cutlery, cups and bowls - cute huh? My sister in law was throwing them out. Plus a bit of Massive Attack and Orbital. Nice. Proper south west UK or what?


We then got onto carving bits of hazel to use as hooks. Hazel has to be the most useful wood ever, particularly for rails and walking sticks. Ignore Jamie trying to find a place for birch bark. I'm the interior designer here - haha!! We still have lots of little details to go. Today we walked for seven hours around Wells and Glastonbury area - we are so exhausted, and hoping it will rain tomorrow so we can do some more finishing touches!



My mother in law is busy making cushion covers. We did have a bit of a stuff up with the foam mattress - more on this on the next post. Oh, and we also have been busy re-gluing the side window in after we discovered it had a leak. It's now been de-rusted and fixed, and re-glued - what a job. She ain't so pretty on the outside, but she's incognito as a campervan, and we like that.

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Mushrooms and hazel hooks, bloody hippies!

She does look pretty, and some carpeting going on there I notice, that is skilled!

@tipu curate

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Haha.. yeah I suppppooossseee it's hippy.

We would have had the walls plywood like home, but we couldn't find the right stuff. The card lining was mouldy when we took them down. We ripped the carpet off, threw it through the washing machine, cut new panels out of the ply we DID have and reglued the lot. It does smell a lot better!!!!

With the money we have and the van it is, no point going for a fresh modern look... mushrooms and hazel hooks it is!! 🍄🍄🍄🍄

That van is looking so cooooooooool!
Having my own van house is my dream! @acurewa can tell you I'm not lying!
I can tell it's a hard work and you seem to be doing great. Congrats, you all!

Thanks so much xx

those pictures look classic

Those mushroom pics got the magic!!


I love your van, loos pretty cozy. I really hope you will get chance to do a trip in it this year. So are you in the uk or what?

Do you know what exact model the van is? petrol, diesel? engine?

It's petrol. Exact model I'm not sure.. it's a t4. X

Stuck in UK. Doubt we can go anywhere. We will head home in a month or so and come back in a few years I guess. Pretty gutted!

Are you guys still in Australia??

That sucks! What are the plans with the van? selling it?

yes, still in australia and probably be here for another few month if they grant our visa. I´m not sad about this as the swell is picking up at the moment and at home they are going absolutely nuts because of this virus.

Well, we'll just give it to my sister in law to look after til we come back. At least we know it's there. My mother in law paid for it initially and we spend about 1000 pounds on fixing and renovation, we can live with that. I'm gutted to miss surfing, that's for sure - have to scroll past the insta shots pretty fast I tell you! but I rarely surf in winter anyway in Victoria -- too cold. Glad you are still there. Whereabouts are you staying?

this is cool⁦✌️🤘👌

You have no idea how much l love mushrooms. They really are so good for me and that is why l have replaced that with meat. Thanks for sharing those crazy ones and the classic van with us today, @riverflows

A beautiful job on sprucing up the van. Love the mushroom pictures as they give a nice touch of magic. :)