Progress on the Landrover: New Winch, Electrics Sorted, Overhead Cupboards and More Happening.. [Part 1]

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Yeah baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Buttercup is almost ready for a road trip. Since we've been back, Jamie's done heaps to her - more than I could probably list in this post!!! Pity we can't cross any borders --- soooo gutted!! But there are worst things, and there's plenty of places we can explore in Victoria (sob).

She's definitely driving better since we bought four new tyres for her (we have to save up for the spare tyre) - they are all terrain Falken tyres. If you're interested, there are more details on Instagram - find us here.


Here's Jamie adding to the list. Lots of little things like vent seals (ordered), gearbox mounts (ordered), anti burst locks, fixing the passenger door so I don't get a cold breeze from the road and so on! At least it's not 'pull the whole thing apart and fix the rust' - she's looking fiiiinnne after nearly two years work. @mrprofessor, I'm sure you'll agree!


Jamie also made a winch plate out of the sheet metal you see below. Clever socks. Beats me how he learns how to do these things.



We also got a roamer drive to find those extra gears - between that and the new tyres, it's running SO smooth.


Some other things we've done this week:

  • New door seals
  • Fixed passenger side door
  • Combined two rear locks to make one that keeps the back door shut
  • Made an overhead cupboard (installing tomorrow)
  • Covered exposed wires in the engine bay with split conduit
  • Made plates for the wires to feed through to the engine so they're mouse proof
  • Installed the spare battery set up (more later) for the fridge
  • Did up loose bolts (oops)

Today I'm sorting out some interior stuff - that's kinda my job. I'll post about the interior later in the week...

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With Love,

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Good work Jamie. If you got wires feeding through holes in metal/plastic plates, you got to line them with a rubber gromet or you'll end up with a short.

Wooooooooooooooooooho, looking fantastic! I still remember seeing her taken apart down to the chassis (it worried me, no way J would be able to find the parts and put them all together again -- he did).

With his mechanical skills and your lovely taste for organization this car is gonna be unbeatable.

Haha I know right!!! I still look at all the wires and bolts and I am amazed!!! I thought you'd love it.

I remember when he discovered it's got the wrong chassis. I though "hmm this is gonna be bad" but it turned out amazing

Hey Riv, looks good. Make sure you keep that synthetic winch rope out of the sun...They break down in UV light. Warn Winches suggest replacement every 12 months but I disagree; I think you'll get more than that out of it...Although they will not last like a steel cable...And will let you down when you most need it to work if it is deteriorated by UV, overuse and misuse.

I have always had synthetic ropes on mine because I use the winch a lot but I replaced the ropes every 2 years. Working in the industry for a while made it easier as I got discounts.

Anyway, that Landie is looking sweet and I bet you can't wait to get it into the rough stuff.

Good work!

That's great advice! We do keep her in the garage, she's the only car we do haha. Mainly as Jamie is always working on it. It's be so annoying to replace it so quickly..

The synthetic Spydura rope is nice...I like it a lot, but when people buy them they are rarely told about their frailty where UV is concerned. (They also need to be washed thoroughly after being used in sand and mud. They are good though, as long as people know how to care for them. I'd always advise a person who may not use the winch much to go for cable though, even though it is way heavier, harder to work with and somewhat more dangerous when they snap under load.

All that aside, you've got a nice rig and have done a really great job. Don't worry about the winch cable...Just don't get bogged! Lol.

Looking good, any idea when those borders will be opening up?

Never at this rate. Our state premier is far TOO cautious. In fact the whole country is being a dick.

Oh dear, maybe you or someone else should advise him not to be?

That’s looking awesome! He’s doing a great job on it, all that work looks and sounds like so much fun!

When it’s done you should do a video walk around of it!

Oh yes I will try that!! Yeah he is amazing. His poor hands are looking a bit Mongolian sheep herder because of it, he needs a rest!

Love it, the sign of a hard working man! I like when my hands look like that lol it’s a great feeling to wash your hands and get all that gunk off.

Very cool! Haven't heard about Buttercup in a long time....

Wait til the soft furnishing post for us girls... 😂😂😂

Oooooh! LOL He's done such a great job so far....

Awesome man! Seen a few of these in the wild here in Colombia. Always a head turner

They are, aren't they?? People do like them. We have random chats with all sorts of people on the road because of it!

Fantastic buttercup is looking great👍

Thanks mate, you've seen the progress all along, so you'd appreciate where we've come from and how long it's taken!

Yes I have indeed followed along from the start and buttercup has come a long way 😀

Interesting post with quality photos. Thank you i like

Thanks so much and thanks for stopping by!

boahhhhh look at this baby! Yeah doesnt matter how far or not far you can go with her..she is awesome!

I debated on even using WORDS on this post - I think her sexiness just speaks for itself, don't you think???

This post makes me want to become more of a man haha I really need to be more mechanically inclined! But I'd rather learn to code better!

That landy looks showroom condition! Hope ya going to muddy it up a bit

What a nice work, @riverflows!

Seeing her in this shape, I can't imagine this Defender is as old as it is. Great to see that you're bringing it back to tip top shape!