Spray painting Hive logos

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Spray painting Hive logos

Since I made some stencils it was time to add the designs to my Strawberry planters I painted. Using some regal red spray paint and my stencils made with thick paper I tape it up and get to spraying.

The over spray is something I had to deal with at first but after learning I added more paper and tape around where I was spray painting. I ended up adding the logo to all four sides, maybe next time ill just add it to one or two of the sides instead. Just got really into spraying that stencil.. haha

I plan on using this stencil again for my bee hives, though I may have to make a slightly smaller one, this stencil may not fit on my bee hives. I can easily make another one by printing out a slightly smaller logo on my laser printer and then etching it out just like I did in a previous post. See link below on how I did it.




The bees wont mind the logo, actually they wont even be able to see it. Red is one color that bees cannot see. So I guess it will just look like plain bee box to them. Not that I think the bees would be offended by the Hive logo or anything, they would probably dig it if they understood the technology.. hehe

The stencils have held up well, I thought they were going to rip but glad I ended up using the thicker paper. Its the stuff you would draw on or make posters out of. I found the copy paper too thin and easy to tear after stenciling the Hive logo. So I bought some poster board and redid it on there. The only thing was the over spray I had to watch out for, and to make sure I had the stencil flush against what I was spraying it on. Or the logo comes out a little fuzzy.

I may make a really large stencil so I could put it on my wall somewhere in the house. But I think thats something I need to research how to do as I would need multiple poster boards to accomplish that. Maybe ill scale up to that before trying such a large project. And since my laser printer can only print up to letter size and legal size it might be harder than I think to do multiple sections of a stencil. For a single poster board logo this one I spray painted on the planter is probably as big as my printer can handle. I would need to order a print from a larger printer if I wanted to do a single print design for stenciling.

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You can also use a clear spray paint on those to make it shiny and protected @solominer and I hope that the bees would not the smell of a new paint too. :)

Ah its outdoor paint, I think it will hold up on its own.

I only paint the outside of the boxes. If I painted the inside the Bees do not like that I hear.

Red is one color that bees cannot see.

Hmm, it just hit me that I don't think I've ever seen bees next to red flowers.

Hah yeah same here.. I cannot recall seeing one on a red flower.

There are red flowers and one of them is called red bee balm and bumblebees love them. Curious if honeybees like them too. Maybe the two kinds see different colors.

It's really nice if you ask me it's good to see you did a GIF of the spray. I probably think the bees will dig it it's got brilliant red colour but then don't bees like hate red colours?

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Ah yeah the animated thumbnails really pop out. Thanks for the feedback.

That's correct Bees cannot see red.

You're welcome, it's my pleasure