DIY Music R&D: Designing grass fed and handcrafted CD Labels for Tetrahedroseph's Rude Immunity.

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I have a new toy and it's going to streamline my CD production. Look forward to a more professional presentation and useful album information.


Track names and numbers will be easy to apply to CD labels now that I have this customizable rubber stamper to stamp on stuff that need stamping.

I'm very stamppy about it!

I found this rubber stamp at Staples the other day when I was looking or stencils and Dance More CD materials. I've waited a while to purchase this stamper. I considered other tools, but this will probably be the best option. I can use it for other projects including custom stickers.

$Hive is paying for this.Hive into bitcoin into fiat and puzzle pieces placed. Now, I just need to put all this stuff together.

Let's make a prototype!

First the hard part:

Somehow, I want that checkerboard look to appear on the CD's label.


I want it to be easy to produce, recreate and it must be as consistent looking as possible. Professionally hand made looking. You know, like... art.


The rubber stamp bottom without digits will be perfect to create the checkerd-board grid patter. If I line it up properly and stay modest, it should provide a nice little baby grid.


Even just a little checker-boarding will suffice.


Now filling it in. That's not a fun part. I'll use the Sharpie to make dots.


Next, I'll use this ink pen from Daiso to scribble over the Sharpie dots. Each box and Sharpie dot gets three scribbles. (Sometimes four, and some times i'll make the edges line up.


That will do for now.

The search for a slightly larger grid will remain... must tap into the spirit of MacGyver...

If I just put ink...

on the stings of #TheBrokenYellow guitar,

and line them put with the CD label...

it's like a broken yellow stamper!!!

This is my GoFund and Patron. Thank you very much for supporting. Ask me for free album.


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So, you are going to stamp along future covers?

Yes, more CD labels to be stamped. Today, I'll do a batch of labels. Grid pattern, dots, AND track info. I expect tedium and tranquility... time-lapsed video might be fun.
Stamping won't be necessary for the CD cover on this project... oh except the inside. The inside will need a track listing stamp also.