Homemade Pizza 🍕 with a twist ...(mouth-watering pictures)

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Now that we learned how, we almost prepare pizza at home on a weekly basis —-using whatever toppings we happen to have in the fridge.

One thing we’ve never tried, however is adding minced meat.

Well, now, we have!

We had leftover minced meat, uncooked, after having a spaghetti bolognese 🍝 the other day.

So, while my wife flattened the dough, added tomato sauce, red peppers, onions, greens, seasoning & cheese, I prepared the meat in a frying fan with olive oil & salt.



All in all, it took me less than 10 minutes — to drain the blood and fat — since the meat would also cook on top of the pizza, for 15 minutes or so.



All in all, from kitchen counter to kitchen table, preparing this pizza took us around half an hour (& less time to demolish it ;)

Bon Appetit!


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