Affiliate Marketing for Content Creators

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Everybody knows these websites that answer your questions that you had entered into google. It's the pages that poped up at the top in the google search.

These websites have often a thing in common.When you want to leave the page there is a pop-up window that opens and gives you an interesting offer. It can be something like that:

  • Get the free e-book how to do this and that
  • Free video how you can improve this
  • With this free check-list you will manage to improve your business

These are just some examples of what you can see. Why are these websites doing that?

The power of the list

The concept here is to create a content website that is optimized for search engines on a specific subject. This website gets then a lot of organic traffic from google related to the subject in question.

Once you are on such a page, the website owner wants to give you a freebie that is interesting and related to the content. His objective is that you give your e-mail address and you join his e-mail list.

Once you are on this list, he has probably prepared a sequence of automated e-mails that you will get on a regular basis. These e-mails will slowly try to build your trust and interest. The final objective is to try to bring you to buy something or to sign up somewhere. This whole process is called a funnel and it can be fully automated.

Anything can be promoted in this funnel. It can be a product, referral links, affiliate links, anything that gives a direct or indirect income.

How I try to use affiliate marketing on the blockchain

I have developed an e-mail course called the 100'000 satoshis a week strategy. It's a course where people are taught how to use faucets and micro earning websites to collect some cryptocurrencies.

I've created an opt-in page where people can sign-up to this course for free:

Feel free to join my course to see how it all plays out

I've created this page with a service provided by Leadsleap. Leadsleap offers you everything that you need to get started. You can build the opt-in page. You can create the opt-in form that you will put on this page and it comes with a complete e-mail service. It's completely free to use. I'm using the premium version because it allows me to automate my emails.

After you sign up to my course the program sends an e-mail every day for 7 days. Each day my subscribers receive a new lesson where I present them a way to earn with faucets. In these lessons I include links to these programs that are actually referral links. If people sign up through these links, they become my referrals and I earn referral commissions paid by the website owner.

My funnel is fully automated and the target is to get new referrals for a whole set of programs.

Using content creation to drive traffic to my funnel

In order to drive traffic to this funnel, I put a link to this course at the end of all my posts that I produce on the blockchain or on services like publish0x. Each link is a kind of entrance door to my funnel. This generates new leads on a regular basis. I can also put the link to my opt-in page into forums or on social media websites. The more links I create, the more traffic I generate and the more leads I may get. This traffic is organic and doesn't cost me anything.

check ut the bottom of this post to see how I include the link into my posts

I believe this is a great way to build a business using the blockchain. If you are interested in using afffiliate marketing, I suggest you have a look at clicktrackprofit. This is a learning hub built by @jongolson and @blainjones. The great thing is that it teaches you affiliate marketing and also how to integrate it with blockchain technology. There are some ready made funnels that you can use and it's free to join.

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Let's connect on Hive, Lbry or on Publish0x

My free e-mail course: The 100'000 satoshis a week strategy


That's a very cool post! Though I'm a bit biased when it comes to List Building lol
Because I do the same! I put a link to CTP Blueprint with a fancy banner and spread it out through the platforms as much as I can!
If only people understand the power of the list...
Thank you so much for sharing!


Thanks a lot for your feed-back Eliana. A list can indeed be a very powerful tool and it can easily be combined with content creation.


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A very clear explanation of affiliate marketing and a nice advertorial in one :)

Thanks a lot for stopping by.


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why downvoted?

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Good question. I have no idea. Probably they didn't think it deserved to be in trending...


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That's the shame that ocdb downvoting. That's the reason I have left with little belief in Hive whales and witness.

When it comes to that I simply change my witness votes ;-)

I have always been somewhat skeptical of these micro profit websites, but reading your publication, and all this about the courses, I understand that there is a whole formal structure, an element that gives seriousness to this type of activity, so I understand that it is definitely a profitable way to capitalize on resources in this digital world. I realize how useful the blog is, to make money through affiliate marketing. Thanks for socializing, this kind of utilitarian content. Best regards, friend @achim03.

Thanks a lot for stopping by and your comment! It can be a way to introduce people into crypto giving them to earn coins in an easy way.


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Hi, @ achim03! How is it going? It is very good information, detailed and complete. It seems to me that it can build trust and many safe blockchain entrepreneurs will be drawn to participate. Mainly, because it is free, secondly because it offers a preparation course and thirdly, it opens the doors to a profitable business based on the blockchain environment. Excellent proposal, friend!

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Thx, guys!

Hi, The blockchain offers so many opportunities that are just there to be grabed :-) Thanks a lot for your comment!


Very good, @ achim03 it was a pleasure visiting your blog!

It is very nice post Achim.

Thanks a lot ;-)


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LOL nice downvotes.

My guess.... OCDB didn't like someone who upvoted you....So thus they take it away. lol

Sucks :(

Don't really know the reasons... Probably they didn't believe it belonged to trending.

Thank you for the guess but I'm afraid it's about this instance here which proved to end up just the way I expected it to, OP taking the stake for himself under the guise of wanting to help authors from a country in a deep economic depression.

People gotta learn there's consequences to actions on an immutable blockchain.

Then again this post is also pure garbage, promoting bitcoin faucets in 2021? I realize you may feel attacked because he promoted your project and that lead to you accusing the downvotes of being due to other reasons which directly tells me you have no idea what we do, but that's just human nature I guess. Quick to judge and accuse. lol

Appreciate you letting us know.

That's why I came to you and asked.

I had no idea but now I do.

The account help.venezuela still exists it has never powered down and it still supports people from Venezuela and follows a curation trail when voting power is maxed.

I delegate to this project personally. Who here is Quick to judge and accuse?

Shut the fuck up. You were going around asking for delegations by using Venezuelas misfortune as a way to get more stake. You even sold said delegation through smartsteem. Don't think for a second that time is in your side now and that people forget what you've done just to get yourself more stake. Keep defending and trying to twist the facts of the past and see how that will go.

Absolute scum of the earth.

Dear @achim03

I'm very sorry to see that you're being harassed and abused by user named @acidyo

He has been targeting many people out there, including me and some Venezuelans which I've been helping out. He may pretend compassion towards Venezuelans, talking now about their misfortune. However, he never helped anyone and attacked many.

Haters always going to hate.

You are a filthy spammer and now also a liar. Go ahead and eat some more shit cause my actions on this platform speak for themselves, I don't need to be fake "nice" to randoms and even less so to scum like you.

Die in a fucking fire already.

Let's agree to disagree @acidyo

ps. no need to be rude. Being rich doesn't entitle you to act like you're superior kind of human being.

I truly feel sorry for you. It's strange, but I cannot even feel upset. You're missing so many great things in life by acting the way you do.

What is there to feel sorry for? My language? Go back to some safespace haven if you can't handle some vulgarity you piece of human garbage. I have every right to be rude to abusers, spammers and general dipshits like you. Do I treat others this way? Nope, just those who've clearly shown they deserve it in my opinion. Go enjoy your nice "live".