Stories The Countries Success Prevent the "Corona Virus" Spread

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CoronaVirus has infected 1,282,259 people worldwide, until (6/4/2020) ago. Of the total cases, 269,484 patients recovered, while 70,172 others died.
Today 5 mey 2020 Some 251,718 people around the world have now died from COVID-19, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University. The number of confirmed cases exceeds 3.5 million, while nearly 1.2 million people have recovered.

They relatively successfully leveled the curve before the infection rate jumped sharply.
Here are countries that have success stories slowing the spread of the Corona Virus in their country.

  • Taiwan
    Taiwan recorded the first positive case of a new type of Corona Virus on January 21. However, the Formosan State managed to maintain the number of confirmed cases to only 363 with 5 deaths, on Monday (6/4/2020) ago.
    What the Taiwan government does is act immediately after there is news of a mysterious illness in Wuhan. Taiwan, located only 100 miles from mainland China, began checking travelers arriving from the city on December 31, setting up a system to track those who were quarantined independently, and increasing production of medical equipment in January.

Hilton Yip from Foreign Policy links Taiwan's initial and effective response with past experience. "Given that Taiwan has faced everything from its giant neighbors - spreading false news, military threats, cutting vital medical information during the SARS outbreak in 2003 - the country knows that it must be fully guarded when a major problem arises in China," he wrote.

  • South Korea
    South Korea, which had one of the biggest early outbreaks outside China, also succeeded in slowing the spread of new types of Corona Virus without lockdowns or quarantine. South Korea, which has a population of 51 million, tests more than 20,000 people every day at designated testing sites and uses extensive contact isolation and contact tracking to break the chain of transmission - as recommended by WHO.

"South Korea shows how this model ultimately pays off in reducing spread, relieving pressure on health services, and keeping its mortality rate among the lowest in the world," said Chair of Global Public Health at the University of Edinburgh, Professor Devi Sridhar.

  • Canada
    In the West, Canada has successfully tested COVID-19 more than the United States. In January and February, Canada began to prepare the infrastructure for conducting tests and contact tracing. The initial response stems in part from the country's experience during the SARS outbreak in 2003. _Then, Canada was the only country outside Asia to report deaths from the virus.
    Canada has a well-funded public health care system, and the criteria for testing for COVID-19 are not as limited as in the United States. Canada has spent the past two decades preparing for viruses. By uncovering the case early and investigating its origins, Canada has blunted the effects of the new type of Corona Virus.

  • Georgia
    Despite the country's small size and struggling economy, Georgia began taking COVID-19 preventive measures seriously in late February, including closing schools and conducting extensive diagnostic tests. Georgia has so far confirmed 117 cases and there have been no deaths from COVID-19. "I think the fact that the government took it seriously from the start has helped," Georgian journalist Natalia Antelava said.

So is the Georgian mindset. "This is a country accustomed to crises, and this is a country that has lived through a civil war and Russian invasion in 2008 and a very dark period during the 90s after the collapse of the Soviet Union," Antelava said.

Iceland has one of the highest per capita rates of new confirmed Corona Virus cases. That's because Iceland has tested more people than anywhere else in the world - an effort led by a private medical research company based in Reykjavik. This research will be used to inform the global response to a pandemic.

"What we get in Iceland is a clearer picture of how the virus spreads through the general population," said Jelena Ciric, a journalist in Iceland.
"Our growth is not actually exponential because the initial steps are to quarantine people who are likely to get this virus."

  • Sweden
    Sweden remains steadfast amid the new high-risk Corona Virus pandemic by not locking up . The country has reported 4,947 cases, but the government is betting that a high culture of trust means that individuals will act responsibly without being instructed to do so, writes Nathalie Rothschild of Foreign Policy.

**"Here is the hope that citizens will adjust, that they will take personal responsibility and avoid crowds, work from home, keep their distance from public transportation, and so on, without being strongly armed to do so,"** he wrote.

  • Russia
    Elsewhere, citizens do not really trust the expertise of their government. In Russia, daily life continues as usual until mid-March, when medical experts begin to question official statistics that show low levels of COVID-19 infection. The government is moving quickly to close the borders and announce a massive economic stimulus plan, writes Reid Standish from Foreign Policy.

"If the true coverage of the virus proves to be higher than shown in official statistics, it means that the Russian government has lost the opportunity to slow down the pandemic," he wrote.
Two weeks later, Corona Virus appears to be able to present a serious political challenge for President Vladimir Putin, as Standish reported on March 30.

In essence, there is nothing wrong if other countries mimic the way these countries prevent the spread of this VirusCorona.
I hope that even though there are different ways to deal with this situation, it works. "What about the situation in your place right now, is it okay?".

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China has completely succeeded in controlling coronavirus outbreak

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