The inventor of the technology(Eric Arthur Johnson)

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Touch screen technology can be found everywhere, ranging from smartphones to tablets to the ATM machine. The touch screen has been easy to human work and to create modern effects on the device. But You know, it turns out that touch screen technology has been found since a long time.

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It turns out Eric is an inventor of the technology first the(Touch screen).
As quoted from the pages of History.

The touch screen was first invented in December 1965 by Eric Arthur Johnson who is an engineer in the Royal R Establishment in Malvern, England.

It is remarkable,(Eric Arthur Johnson).

Aims And Benefits

At the beginning of his touch screen that aims to develop touch screens in air traffic control. It is a device with a cable, sensitive to the touch of a finger, in the face of the cathode ray tube spot information can be written by a computer.

In 1967, Johnson also published a paper other more comprehensive about the topic. Johnson explained how the technology worked through diagrams and photographs of the prototype.

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Hello, it would be good if you could place the source of the photo and if you can link to some material online to expand the information you provide.