Dragon Fruit Rice Recipe

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Fried rice in general is mainstream.
The touch of dragon fruit gives a lot of uniqueness to fried rice.


Have you ever tried fried rice before? Well, fried rice is not really a way of cooking by frying. However, we only stir the rice with a little oil until they give off a nice fragrance and mix it well with the spices used.

Actually, fried rice aims to use leftover rice that has not been finished on the same day. But nowadays fried rice experienced significant development. Fried rice is no longer only made to reuse leftover rice, but is made with new rice.

In Indonesia, we can find many variations of fried rice available. Most fried rice available in Indonesia uses seafood, chicken or beef, and mutton toppings. Meanwhile, the simplest version of fried rice is mixing rice with a few vegetables that we usually consume and mixing them with scrambled eggs with fried rice seasoning.


This time I'm not going to make the fried rice that I talked about before. Instead, I will make a version of fried rice that you may have never seen before. I'm going to make dragon fruit fried rice.

Dragon Fruit Fried Rice


I rarely find dragon fruit fried rice menus available in restaurants or cafes in my area. I once had dragon fruit fried rice at a restaurant in my hometown in the past. I still remember very well the taste, including unique, but still delicious. So this time I will try my own version. Of course my version this time is the plant-based version.

Maybe you feel weird when you hear that fried rice is mixed with dragon fruit. Dragon fruit does taste sweet, but the result of dragon fruit fried rice is not entirely sweet. In fact, the final taste of the dragon fruit fried rice is dominated by the savory taste.

In the past, I was also fooled by the appearance of the dragon fruit fried rice. I thought at first the dragon fruit fried rice would taste sweet and weird. "Maybe it tastes like dessert", I thought at that time. However, I was wrong. Dragon fruit fried rice makes a delicious savory meal.

Well, I think dragon fruit fried rice is suitable for a dinner menu. This will definitely provide a unique experience for those of you who eat dragon fruit fried rice.


Using a type of red dragon fruit

There are several types of dragon fruit, namely white dragon fruit, red dragon fruit, and dragon fruit with yellow outer skin but white inner flesh. In this recipe, of course, I will use red dragon fruit. This is to add a beautiful, aesthetic impression to the final result of fried rice which will be purplish pink in color.

If you use white dragon fruit, of course, it will be strange because of the texture of the dragon fruit seeds without adding a unique color to the final result of fried rice.

The Ingredients


The ingredients we need to make dragon fruit fried rice are not difficult. We only need to add the basic ingredients that we usually use for our daily menu, especially for food menus in Asian countries.

Here are some of the ingredients I used to make dragon fruit fried rice. This recipe that I use can be served for 2 people with a moderate portion (not too much).

  • 1/4 dragon fruit
  • A plate of rice
  • Your favorite vegetables, here I use carrot pieces and green bean pieces
  • 3 small red onions, thinly sliced
    2 small cloves of garlic, thinly sliced
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon of coriander powder
  • (Optional) half a teaspoon of pepper powder
  • Enough sesame seeds for serving

Cooking Instructions

Thinly slice red onion and garlic.


If you don't have red onions in stock, that's not a problem. Just use the onion stock that you usually use for daily cooking. Or, you can use about 1 teaspoon of garlic powder.

Cut vegetables.


In this recipe, I use carrots and green beans. I cut them into small pieces. For the carrots, I also shaped them like flowers for a prettier presentation. If you can't shape the carrot into a flower shape, that's fine at all as it won't affect the taste.

It's just that you can make sure your vegetable pieces are small so they don't interfere with the taste of the fried rice. If you use rather large pieces of vegetables in the dragon fruit fried rice this time, the taste will be weird because of the texture of the vegetables will become dominant and will go against the taste of the dragon fruit used.

Cut dragon fruit


I cut the dragon fruit into cubes. Save some cubes of dragon fruits for the final serving process.

Sauté onions.


After all the ingredients are prepared, then heat the cooking oil. Then, add the garlic first and then add the red onions. Keep stirring until they become fragrant.

Saute vegetables.

After the onions become fragrant, then add the pieces of vegetables. Here I use vegetables that are easy to cook in small pieces. That's why I immediately cook them like this.

If you use vegetables that take longer to cook, it's best if you boil them first to make the process of cooking fried rice easier later.

Don't forget to add salt, pepper, and coriander powder. Stir them well until cooked.

Adding rice.


Add rice After the vegetables are cooked, then stir well for a moment.

Adding dragon fruits.


After the rice that was added earlier looks no longer lumpy, then add the dragon fruit pieces. Stir them thoroughly until there are no more grains of rice that look white.

Keep stirring the rice so that the bottom of the rice doesn't burn. Remove the fried rice when you see that the fried rice and dragon fruits are perfectly mixed.

Serving fried rice.


Serve dragon fruit fried rice sprinkled with sesame seeds. Then to beautify the overall appearance of the food, I added chips and also pieces of dragon fruit that I skewered like satay.


Oh, what a beautiful outcome! I am very pleased with the results of the fried rice which was inspired by the menu of a restaurant I ate at in the past. Well, the dragon fruit fried rice menu that I made was again consumed by my nephew. Meanwhile, m,y partner who was away at work did not have time to taste this fried rice dish. Oops, my nephew always steals the start first.


What do you think about the dragon fruit fried rice that I'm showing on my blog this time? I hope this can be a new insight for you. Maybe you want to try to make this recipe in your own kitchen. If you think it's weird, it doesn't matter at all because we have different tastes. Thank you to those of you who want to read my blog even though this food is not your kind of taste. Have a great day.


Thank you for reading my blog and reblog if you want my blog this time worthy of reading by others.


Best Regards,
Anggrek Lestari


Who is Anggrek Lestari?

Anggrek Lestari is an Indonesian fiction writer who has published two major books. Now She is a full-time content creator. She has a goal to share life, poem, and food content that makes others happy and can get inspiration.

Contact Person: authoranggreklestari@gmail.com
Discord: anggreklestari#3009


It does be unique, It caught my eye immediately. I could say it's weird from what I'm used to, but I've tasted too many things that, more than weird, it is a challenge to try it out and see how it tastes. I imagine it used in theme parties and to make a simple dish look like a whole show, we eat with the eyes a lot. Thanks for sharing!

We are often curious about the weird combination right? 😊

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I have hear about this type of rice before and I have not tasted it before, looking at it I hope it will taste nice

Please try it again when you find the similar menu in your city 🙂

Please try it again when you find the similar menu in your city 🙂

Very exotic this recipe, here in Venezuela the dragon fruit is known as pitahaya, although I have never seen it or tried it because where I live it is not available, I know it is a very good source of antioxidants, I loved your presentation. Regards

Rich antioxidants and great for the skin
Thanks for stopping by 😊

I have had a lot of boring fried rice till date. But your dragon fruit rice recipe and your food photography have amazed me. You don't just share recipes but you also post food in a great way and your food photography is amazing. I have never tasted dragon fruit before but your recipe has inspired me to try it. I love the way you have presented the dish in your photos and I can't wait to taste it. @nazneen-ansari what do you think? 🤩

If you are traveling someday and found dragon fruit, you should try it. Maybe weird at first, but always worth it to try something new, right?

I will definitely try dragon fruit the next time I see it at the store. I have heard a lot of good things about it and am curious to see what all the hype is about.

Wow! Fried rice with a twist. 🤗🎉

We need surprise in life 😊

Personally, I love dragon fruit so much and rice is our main food. But never thought to make such recipe. I like that one and will surely try in my home. Thanks for that great idea!

Give me the result of your experience if finally try this recipe at your home 😊

Give me the result of your experience if finally try this recipe at your home 😊

It sounds a very exotic flauvor!
Thank you for sharing!

Indeed. Exotic and sexy food 😊

Totally agree!



Nice-colored rice looks amazing. I believe when you said it is savory. At first, I thought it is sweet some kind of dessert. Very nice food photography. thanks for sharing your creativity. 💓😊greetings

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Thanks foodie team. 😊😊😊🥗🍡

OMG! This is not just a food or fried rice! This is an art! I love how it looks like. If I have a chance to eat this one, I would take lots and lots of pictures first because of its beautiful colors produced by using the dragon fruit. I have not eaten a dragon fruit ever since so that would be very exciting for me.

The color is so vibrant and beautiful. Ohh it is a magenta! This is the color of the year 2023. So I hope this brings good luck to you and the people you love!

Oh I hope that! The color of lucky year :)

Indeed, the color is a big attention there. I really enjoy made that recipe in my home.

Very beautiful fried rice mixed with dragon fruit, I'm very curious about the taste, I'll try something else

Yeep you will try the recipe because I believe in your living area is easy to find the dragon fruit.

Yay! 🤗
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Oh no, I haven't tried this yet, but it looks very nice. Great presentation, chef! Congratulations. I love your style. Yes, it looks strange, but I think it's worth a try. Maybe I'll like it very much.

When I cook this recipe, I'm happy to see the beautiful results.

And my nephews finished all the rice 😅

Wow I have never seen this kind of fried rice before! It looks interesting and delicious.

The taste is like just add small amount of sweet from dragon fruit taste. But mostly savory taste

I love dragon fruit but I have not tasted nor seen dragon fruit rice in any of the Asian restaurants I have been to. I will try this recipe one of this days. Thank you for sharing.

Don't forget to mention me if you Made the recipe later..I hope you like the taste 😊

Will surely do.

I think I'm in love with photogenic food. What a beautiful color this rice has, I immediately thought it was a sweet recipe, it wouldn't be the first time I see rice in a dessert but I was wrong. I had never heard of "dragon fruit", I think we don't have anything like it here in Argentina. Maybe just a beetroot that's also that color and sweet but it's a long way from your fruit.

It's great that you were able to replicate a dish you've tried before. I'm sorry for your partner who missed it, but your nephew sure enjoyed it a lot.

Greetings, beautiful post 💞.

I tried my best to serve my cooking results in beautiful way. So people Will love to see it. :)

Dragon fruit plant is one of type cactus plant. The fruit is unique. Iniside have edible small seeds.

Yep, beet is really different. But if you want to try with beet, I think is a quite good.

The colour is so beautiful and it caught my eye as it also looks very artistic! I think you have outdone yourself sis. Wonderful recipe 👏👏👏

Glad you like the presentation. 😊🌸

I'm not a big fan of fried rice but I like it sometimes, your recipe look so good and also cure, all these colours delight the eyes and not only the mouth.

Sometimes we are curious about the taste of food that we never seen before. 😊

Gosh! This looks amazing and surreal.

This fried rice looks so unique. I wish to have a taste of it

Some beautiful culinary creations @anggreklestari

Oh my God! This looks SO beautiful and delicious. Dragon fruit is my dream fruit... THanks for sharing such beautiful posts

I hope you can find dragon fruit someday if you travel to somewhere ❤️🌸

Sorry I missed this post earlier. This really grabbed my attention. Never have I heard of dragon fruit fried rice. It’s colorful and quite unique. Thanks for the inspiration. 😃

Wow! This is really taking dragon fruit to the next level! This is awesome! So creative, adding dragon fruit to fried rice. It gives rice color and ai bet it tasted good too.
Thanks for sharing this recipe I would love to try this too but perhaps with other different ingredients too.
I love it dear!!! You are truly gifted!

woooooohhh what a beautiful dish, my friend wuwde me without words you are incredible God continue to bless your hands to continue creating extraordinary things, this dish looks really delicious and incredible a big hug. ❣️

I can eat with my eyes looking at your publication, I love the palette of colors that you form in your composition. Regards