Hive Fine Dining #2 Mustard Green Flowers With Sweet Potatoes

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Air fryer sweet potatoes shaped like lollipops are be perfect for the mustard green flowers dish.


Edible flowers always offer unlimited visuals. We can think of many things from that beauty. Also, what food menu can be served with this beauty.


Have you ever eaten mustard green flowers before? For me it is a frequent thing. As someone who lives in the countryside, I can easily get stock of mustard green flowers. Several times, I even planted them myself. I leave the mustard green plants unharvested until they have flowered.

My late mom often cooks mustard green flowers in the simplest way, namely the stir-fry way. Then, served as a side dish with warm rice. That simplicity is what I remember.

I miss my late mom. The bright mustard green flowers color reminds me of my late mom's beautiful smile. It made a lot of people smile. mustard green flowers that sway in the wind like my late mom's beautiful body which sways gently when she listens to music.

I just miss my late mom. How she is always patient even though we don't have enough money to eat. How she always manages to bring home veggies from nature to cook. All of them are about beautiful survival.


From those longings, it seems like the universe is pushing me to find mustard green flowers.
So, I immediately bought mustard green flowers when I saw a seller at the morning market. I'm going to serve mustard green flowers for a healthy breakfast. Follow me for more ❤️

Need Other Ingredients


Mustard green flowers are indeed cooked as a side dish type of food. So, we really need other ingredients to serve them. In addition, the size of the mustard green flowers will become smaller when cooked. So, make sure you serve mustard green flowers with other ingredients so that it becomes quite filling.


In this recipe, I used a sweet potato, as well as Tempeh to serve stir-fried mustard green flowers.

I'm going to cook them with the air fryer method. Besides being able to save time, of course using an air fryer feels simpler to me than using an oven. But of course you can roast Tempeh and sweet potato in the oven if you don't have an air fryer.

Air Fryer Sweet Potato and Tempeh


Before cooking mustard green flowers, I first cooked sweet potato and Tempeh. So, while waiting for them to cook in the air fryer, I can work on a side of mustard green flowers. Simply save time.

First, I preheat the air fryer for 5-10 minutes. My air fryer doesn't have temperature settings. So I just timed it. You can set your equipment to the temperature normally used for roasting food, about 400-450 degrees F.

Next, I peeled the sweet potato and cut it into small pieces. I formed the sweet potato with circular pieces following the shape of the sweet potato itself. You can also cut sweet potatoes in elongated shapes like fries.


Don't forget to wash the sweet potato pieces and dry them. Then, I put the sweet potato pieces in the air fryer basket.


I also put the Tempeh pieces in the same air fryer basket. My air fryer basket is enough for all of that. That's really great for saving cooking time.

I use them 15 minutes per side. Then flipped their sides again so they were perfectly cooked.

When serving, I serve sweet potato pieces like lollipop shapes with a stick of ice cream. Oh, that's cute. ❤️


Stir-Fried Mustard Green Flowers

For the seasoning, I used ingredients that I usually use to cook other vegetables. It's like a highlight that should not be forgotten. Here are the ingredients for the flavor:


  • 2 tablespoons of chopped onion and red onion
  • 2 bay leaves. Dried or fresh one. But this one is optional. You can use other herbs to add fragrance to the dish.
  • 2 tablespoons of sweet soy sauce
  • 1/2 teaspoon of salt or according to your taste

Cooking Instructions For Mustard Green Flowers

First of all, separate the flowers and tough stems. I didn't use the stems nor did some of the older leaves. This will make the food taste bitter.

Then, bring the water to a boil. Blanch mustard green flowers with a little salt. Cook for about 3 minutes then drain and set aside.

Heat the oil. Sauté the seasoning until fragrant.

Add soy sauce with a few tablespoons of water if you are afraid they will burn.

Final step is to add mustard green flowers. Stir them well, and add salt. Before removing them, make sure to check the taste again.


Serve stir fried mustard green flowers with tempeh air fryer. I love the results. I didn't even expect that my mind would tell me to mold all the elements into this beauty. Oh, my heart feels like it's melting.


I hope you guys like my creation today. Whatever food you made today, it is a blessing worth being thankful for. have a great day!

Thank you for reading my blog and reblog if you want my blog this time worthy of reading by others.




Best Regards,
Anggrek Lestari


Who is Anggrek Lestari?

Anggrek Lestari is an Indonesian fiction writer who has published two major books. Now She is a full-time content creator. She has a goal to share life, poem, and food content that makes others happy and can get inspiration.

Contact Person:
Discord: anggreklestari#3009


Again good Meals 🌺☺️👏

Thank you 🌸🌸🌸

Looks yummy! You have such a great eye for plating.

Oh, thank you. Your comment makes my heart happy about it ❤️❤️❤️

I like the variety of dishes that you always offer through your publications. On the other hand, you will always have good memories of your mom with respect to those ingredients or aromas that she used to make when she cooked, that is the beauty of this type of activity and among others that you will keep in mind.

!discovery 40

Memories always stay when people just gone. ❤️
Our mom must be always on mind.

It will always be so.

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You are the very ideal hive chef dear friend @anggreklestari, after seeing your ideas on how to present food/meals I get really hungry. thank you for sharing. have a nice weekend 💓😊

We are chef in our families 😀 we have to cook everyday, right? 😊

Hope you have a good day there 🌸🌸🌸

Thank you🙏 we have nice day today is market day we enjoyed it hope I will write something about that in @plantpower. how are you? What season is there? greetings😊💓

Oh, you can participate on Citrus shopping contest then

I was difficult to found any Citrus here. I dunno next day

Here is also very difficult to find so many but some few . don't know it will enough for post.
May I ask you one question? these days I didn't noticed any ocd vote are there some changes?
or we have to do something else for ex. tags, or publication I ask you because you might know something about but anyway thousands thanks for your support greetings😊💓

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I’m so sorry about your late mom, but she would be proud of your dish that you present; bursting with colour and flavour. Your pictures are a treat 💕❤️🤗🥰

Hope my food can be a good art ❤️ Thanks for enjoying

Cooking always comes from a place of memory. Taste and visuals are so interconnected with memories and nostalgia.

I love the mustard greens you stir fried. I love to add those small yellow mustard flowers to my salads and the mustard leaves. The pungent mustard flavour is beautiful.

I will definitely try your dish! I think the mustard flavour goes so well with the sweet potato? Thanks you for sharing your ideas!

I often mix mustard green with sweet potato. That's great combination for sure.

Thank you so much for sharing this! I am already tasting it. Enjoy!

How you turn simple veggies and flowers into a work of art on a dish is an amazement. 💕😁 thank you for the beautiful work of art😍

Simple veggies have good sides too ❤️
We have to enjoy it as well even though just simple thing

Yeah! Veggies are healthy nutrients our body needs, though undesired by some kids and adult alike. Serving a good looking dish like you’ve done will attract their attention to have a taste and hopefully enjoy it😋
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You make cooking/food really cool. I feel like doing something in my kitchen right now.

What food you cook for weekend? 🙂

Beans and Rice plus tomatoes sauce with few vegetables. It is a common food from this side of the world.

This is really amazing recipe sister @anggreklestari especially tempeh and ubir jalar always make me appetite, thank you very much sister for the recipe

Yes, you should try it for sure. I'm sure in your country is really easy to find those ingredients.

Thank you so much sister for her passion and this recipe

I have never seen mustard green flowers yet... I'm only seeing fermented ones here lol.. I don't actually like the taste of mustard.. It's too weird... This recipe of yours looks too simple..but for sure, it has a great taste.. I like sweet potatoes 😊

When it comes from instant thing, the mustard flavor would be weird I think. Ahaha

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I didn't know that I could use the mustard green flowers for cooking! Wow! I have a lot of them in my garden but they need a little time still. I'm going to definitely try - it looks very elegant and tasty! Thanks for sharing the recipe with us, @anggreklestari! 😊👍


Mustard green flowers just have a little days too cook. So we need to pay attention when they are bloom.
Mustard green flowers are indeed come from mustard green flowers that already old and not Harvested.

But be careful, the taste Will be bitter. Soak them into salt water first. Then, make sure you are not including the old stems and leaves because the old one really bitter in taste

Thank you very much for your tips! I'll definitely try ASAP!


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They look delicious. A unique recipe as always, chef! I wish your mother God's mercy and if she were alive now, she would be proud of you.

Thank you 🙂
When my mom was alive, she always curious what the food I cook and she never left behind every single my cooking result 🙂

What an idea, I love seeing your homemade sweet potato ice cream, and it seems to taste so good

Ahaha, we love ice cream right 😀

Yes, but it's the fasting month, so I won't remember it for now, my fast will be canceled later 😬