How to Make Peanut Sauce with Traditional Equipment

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The process of refining an ingredient from a solid form does take time. Instant products, always offer a higher price, even though it is recognized that it is proportional to the time and energy that we save by buying these instant products.


But for peanut sauce, I'm still willing to spend my time and energy. This is also worth doing. At least if I'm not having an appointment with my client.

So, this time I will share with you how I make peanut sauce in the traditional way, without a food processor.

Stay tuned!

Various Textures of Peanut Sauces for Different Types of Dishes


Indonesian dishes that use peanut sauces are quite diverse. Starting from the vegetable salad (Gado-Gado); satay; fries, and so on. Each texture of peanut sauces to complement various dishes have different levels of thickness.

For a more fluid texture, while cooking more water is added. Also added more spices and herbs as desired.

Here I have a few dishes that use peanut sauces as the main flavor, not just an additional flavor enhancer.


Roasted Yams With Spicy Peanut Sauce


Steamed Veggies and Roasted Sweet Potato with Spiced-Crushed Peanut


Boiled Noodles with Spiced Peanut Sauce

Because of the texture needs, usually, peanuts that have been mashed are not mixed with other ingredients. Peanuts that have been mashed will be cooked into peanuts sauces with a certain texture when it is about to be served.

The Ingredients


The main ingredient for making peanut sauce is of course peanuts. There are two types of peanuts that we usually find in the market. There are peanuts that still have a layer of skin inside. There are also peanuts that have been cleaned without another layer of skin.

I have used both. Adjusted for peanuts supply at that time. Sometimes I use peanuts that still have the skin in them, sometimes I use clean peanuts.


The important thing to note is that we must use roasted peanuts or fried peanuts with oil to create the delicious and good fragrance peanuts sauce.

Other ingredients are chili, ginger, kencur/aromatic ginger, kaffir lime leaves, salt, and brown sugar. Also add flavor to the broth if desired according to taste, during the process of making mashed peanuts into a creamier peanut sauce.



If we use peanuts that still have skin like I used this time, then we have to roast or fry the peanuts without oil. This is also to make the smooth skin on the peanuts will peel off easily.



After that, crush the peanuts. Here I used a stone tool to crush the peanuts. This is my mother's old equipment. You can see this stone tool has cracked parts. However, it can still be used.

This step of crushing roasted peanuts is the most time-consuming and labor-intensive. But with this traditional equipment, the texture can be creamier than using a food processor.


Here I used 350 grams of roasted peanuts. Crushing peanuts using a traditional utensil is a lot of fun. It's like we have good hand exercise. :)


Before cooking the crushed peanuts, don't forget to make the spices and herbs into a single mixture.

If you like spicy, you can use lots of chilies. Don't forget to use kaffir lime leaves, because these ingredients will make the sauce smell delicious later.


Don't forget to also prepare brown sugar. Thinly slice the brown sugar to make it easier to blend into the other ingredients.


After all the ingredients are prepared, stir-fry the mixture of fine spices until fragrant.

After the spices smell good, then add the crushed peanuts. The measure, use it in moderation, according to the needs of the dish to be served.

To be honest I don't use exact measurements. I use the dose by feeling that is adjusted to the other seasoning ingredients so that it becomes balanced.



Add brown sugar, salt, and water to taste. Remember, don't overwater.

Keep stirring until the mixture becomes creamy, has a slightly oily texture, and tastes delicious, and doesn't have a strong chili smell.


Peanut sauce is ready to be served! Imagine a creamy peanut sauce poured over the dish. Yummy! I often enjoy fries with peanut sauce, or even I douse boiled noodles with creamy peanut sauce.


Have you ever tried making homemade peanut sauce? What's your favorite dish served with peanut sauce?


Thank you for reading my blog and reblog if you want my blog this time worthy of reading by others.

Best Regards,
Anggrek Lestari


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I love this recipe! I love peanuts, they are delicious, but I have never used them like this. I think as a topping for some sautéed vegetables it would look great, or maybe with cassava bread or just toasted bread, either wheat or rye. Very good recipe. Thanks for posting in the Plant Power (Vegan) community. Greetings!

Fried cassava can be perfectly paired with peanut sauce too 🌸

Sometimes I mix with curry too. I’m glad to share my recipe in this community 🌸

I love your mother stone tools. It looks like the one my Mum has as well. She uses it to crush peanuts and mix them with sesame seeds. It is a great combination to eat with rice. She even made 1 kg for me to bring to NZ last time.

Maybe I could show her your recipe so she can make a new dish. Thank you for sharing Anggrek

I love sesame seeds even I never found the fresh seeds directly:)

Yeah, the dried peanut sauces (not yet mixed with water) will be perfect food saving to bringing to somewhere :) and we can be kept for quite long

thanks for stopping by 🌸

Yes it lasted so long as I kept them in a fridge.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday Anggrek. Much !LUV

Happy holiday ❤️

@dora381(1/1) gave you | wallet | market | tools | connect | <><

I enjoyed seeing your process and the ingredients you use.

I have heard of peanut sauce and may have had a dish in a restaurant long ago that included it, but peanut sauce was not part of our food culture here. I had no idea what was actually in it.

As always, love the pretty way you plate your food.

Some people think peanut sauce is Made from peanut butter ehehe. But totally different :)

The taste Will make you like it I think :)

There's a Filipino dish called kare-kare which is stewed meat (oxtail is the most popular) with peanut sauce. Really tasty dish. There's lots of effort put into that dish - traditionally, it is prepared just like how you ground your peanuts.

On another hand I also tried making peanut sauce for my own version of Vietnamese spring rolls. I've been craving for it and I'm planning to make some this Christmas. 😍

Satay chicken and meat are popular dish that use peanut sauce here :)

Peanut sauce with dry texture can last long and we can save it to safe money ehehe :)

Looks delicious and your food photography is truly marvelous, it's insane!!!

Now for the recipe it looks mouth-watering and I can total understand how it would be total different to make it like this instead of processing them, thing I will surely do. I have tried to cook many Indonesian recipes but I always add store-bought peanut butter and, even if I add loads, the flavour is never that good nor intense:( I want to try them using this recipe now:D I don't happen to own one of this stones to crush the peanuts but my mommy does!

Maybe the taste not good because you are using peanut butter, not peanut sauce :)

If you can found roasted peanut, then you can try to crush them with blender or food processor :)

So yummy, i will try it, thanks for sharing 😍

You have to try it. Thank you so much for stopping by

No he comido salsa de maní así, me encantaría probarla. Se ve estupenda. 😋

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I love this sauce🥰🥰🥰

Me too ❤️

@anggreklestari take simple photos, the results are amazing
I like the composition of this photo.

I tried my best to create eye-catching food photography. Thank you :)

That is fantastic! The old mortar and pestle are really cool! And I had no idea how to make peanut sauce before your post. It actually looks fairly easy...

Thanks for your delicious post!


Glad you have a new knowledge about this one

Thanks for stopping by. 😊

I never made peanut sauce nor tried it. I only have experience with peanut butter. But the process and after adding it with food looks amazing.
I will try to follow this. Thanks for sharing.

Peanut saus is commonly in Indonesia. So we used to make it with traditional tools.

You have to try it if you can found peanut in your living area :)

Peanuts are a common crop here. I will try this. I love peanuts. Thanks for sharing the detailed process.

Hope it Will be succesful ❤️