Spinach Soup With Tofu and Sweet Corn

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The clear soup is refreshing, and full of nutrition.
Vegetables with sweet corn that enhances the taste.


There are times when we just want clear soup with simple, nutritious ingredients. For example, when the body does not feel fit, or our appetite actually decreases because we are tired.

At that time I was able to easily buy KFC Soup takeaway. But unfortunately, they served a soup which I found too salty, with only carrots, corn, and meatballs in it. So, I decided to make my own version of clear soup.


I thought of some ingredients that I can easily get in the local market. Usually, I shop in the morning. Luckily, I got the main ingredients that I will use to make the clear soup this time.

For seasoning, I only use garlic, red onion, also celery, and salt. That is it. But, for complementary toppings, I will use fried onions from red onion slices.


This ingredient will increase the fragrance and at the same time, the taste of the food becomes more savory. If you don't like fried onions, you can skip this ingredient.

Local Spinach


In this clear soup ingredient, I'm going to focus on the spinach. I haven't eaten spinach in a long time. The reason I haven't cooked spinach for a long time is that local spinach here shouldn't be consumed after 3 hours. Several substances in spinach will turn out to be bad for the body if we consume spinach more than 3 hours after cooking. Of course, this time was a different case because I really wanted to eat spinach.


Well, if you look at it, the spinach in my area is different from most of the spinach I see on the internet. I think spinach in other areas is called Brazilian spinach, with a greener leaf color and a bit like Thai Basil. Spinach in my area has thin leaves that wilt easily. Also has a rather hard stem.

Sweet Young Corn


In this soup, I use sweet corn type of young corn. You can see here, the young corn still doesn't look too yellow. When later cooked and cooked it will change color to yellow.

Because the corn still young, I can't remove corn from cobs. So I'm going to cut the corn cobs like circular shapes.

If you only have instant canned corn, you can also use kernels for this recipe that I present. Only use about 100 grams - 200 grams of kernels.

All I Need To Make Spinach Soup


  • A bunch of spinach or about a large bowl of spinach.
  • 2 corn cobs
  • 3 cloves of garlic, thinly sliced
  • 5 small red onions, or half a large bulb, thinly sliced
  • one stalk of celery, thinly sliced
  • 2 teaspoons of salt or adjusted to taste.
  • 1 liter of water
  • Enough cooking oil
  • (optional) enough red onions to make fried onions for topping.

Cooking Instructions

Cut and clean spinach.

Clean and chop the spinach by hand only. Do not cut the spinach with a knife because it can damage the nutrients in the spinach. That's what I learned from my late mom.

For the stem, we can check the hard or old part of the stem by pressing the stem. Discard the tough, fibrous stalks of the spinach. Then wash them clean.

Cut corn in cobs into small pieces.

Using a large knife, cut corn cobs into small pieces. Later they will become similar to flowers.

Stir-fry garlic, onion, and celery.

After heating the cooking oil, stir-fry the garlic first, then follow by adding the red onion and celery. Cook until fragrant.

Add water.

Add about 1 liter of water after the stir-fried seasoning becomes smell good. Then, wait for the water to boil.

Add corn.

Add pieces of corn after the water boils. Cook until they are cooked through, or about 10 minutes.

Add tofu and spinach.

Add tofu and spinach after the corn is cooked. Cook for about five minutes more, or until the spinach is wilted.

Don't forget to add salt or ground pepper according to your taste. Correct the taste then remove them.


Serve spinach soup with fried onions. Oh, I like the final taste. Especially with corn, I like their sweet taste and it completes the overall savory taste of the clear soup.


I can admit that this vegan clear soup is better than any kfc soup I've eaten before. Homemade is always yummy, there's always a reason for it. It only takes a little work, and we will get what suits our taste buds. 😊


Well, I hope you guys like the creation of the spinach soup this time. If you guys don't If you have the type of spinach that I use, it's best to replace it with broccoli or carrots. Just adjust with your favorite veggies.


Thank you for reading my blog and reblog if you want my blog this time worthy of reading by others.





Best Regards,
Anggrek Lestari


Who is Anggrek Lestari?

Anggrek Lestari is an Indonesian fiction writer who has published two major books. Now She is a full-time content creator. She has a goal to share life, poem, and food content that makes others happy and can get inspiration.

Contact Person: authoranggreklestari@gmail.com
Discord: anggreklestari#3009


This is really delicious sis, especially enjoyed when the weather is rainy like this, while it's warm it goes really well with rice

Yeeeep, rainy day is perfect for this soup. But we can enjoy this soup with rice in general day 😊

That looks just perfect for a cold day. Love the plating.

Thanks dear ,😊🌸🌸🌸

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This is my favorite soup 🤤🤤

That's super easy to make it, right..yummmy 😊😋😋😋

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Great instruction and description. Feels like I can smell it over here! Those are some of my favourite ingredients. Can replace the tofu with meatballs for meatarian friendly 🤘recon some of the veganist doesn't take challots, that onion can also be substitute with fried ginger slice.

Use meatball is a great option too.

Oh, fried ginger? I never saw it or heard before. The taste is not bitter?

To me, it can't beat fried onions nor fried garlic. Fried ginger is only an optional variation for those who can't take onion nor garlic.

I like this kind of clear soup recipe, and often will throw in seaweed and knock an egg into it. Super addictive to go with white rice.

Great idea! thanks

Beautiful! But isn't it hard to eat those large slices of corn?

Nope. Just eating in usual. Because the circle is not to thick. 😊

Love this.. My favorite ingredients are here 😊 !PIZZA

Absolutely. But my fav are tofu and young corn 😋😋😋


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In Suriname we have a similar type of soup that we call "doorkijksoep" (loosely translated: see through soup), with some differences here and there.

My dad's usually the one making it though and I should ask him his recipe that he got from his mother. The thing is that I'm not much of a fan of that meal, because I get hungry again soon after.

We use crispy fried anchovies as topping/garnish instead of the fried onions and I'm not sure if the ingredients in the soup are stir fried beforehand or just "boiled" with everything in the water. The tofu and corn are great additives though and would work well with my dad's soup.

This meal is not really filling. So usually people in my country use rice to serve this soup. This soup as a side dish.

How about the type of spinach there? Same leaves?

My dad uses long beans, cabbage, tomato and sometimes kang kong.

I'm not sure if the spinach is the same in Suriname though.

Looks delicious! I think about cooking it without Tofu and corn. Never thought about making a soup with spinach leaves. But inspired to try it out next time. Hm maybe with some rice noodles! Jummy.

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Please tell me the results later. Because I'm not sure about using spinach in your country if there is different leaf shape

Yes I saw, our spinach is darker green and you only get the lesves I never had little roots on it like yours!
Could take a while. At the moment have to be careful what to eat because stomach troubles. So better no experiments.
But asap I wanna try :-)

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Very tasty. I have the right drink for your soup! 😃
It is also vegan.
Cheers and bon appétit!

Honestly I really wonder what is it at the first glance, I don't understand what is spinach. I really google it and found out that spinach is kangkong or water spinach but it is so different in the picture. As what you have said might be it varies from one place to another. Here spinach is so green and seems have a very strong stalk.

I agree that home made soup is delicious you can make it according to your own taste. For sure what you cook is so delicious as sweet corn for sure brings a sweet taste to that soup.

I can make a simple soup out of moringa leaves, spring onion and lemon grass. It is already good for me and my son.

Oh, I just noticed this post. I can't believe you can make a healthy meal out of these ingredients. Thank you for sharing @anggreklestari another great recipe.