Vegetable Broth: Richly Fragrant with Spices

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Like a secret pleasure from a lot of soupy food.
Vegetable Broth is one of the ingredients that deserve to enrich the taste of gravy foods.


Do you like soupy food? If so, then this post can add to your ideas for enriching the taste of the soup. If you don't like soupy foods, then the recipe that I'm going to post can also make soup dishes even tastier.


To be honest, I also just found out about the idea of making vegetable broth recently from the internet. Usually, before using vegetable broth, I only use spices and herbs directly on soupy foods. But this has a weakness. I have to separate the spices and herbs particles that have been mixed with the sauce. It is painstaking work! So, vegetable broth is a brilliant idea!


Like a secret pleasure from a lot of soupy food. Vegetable Broth is one of the ingredients that deserve to enrich the taste of gravy foods.

A Combination Of Many Vegetables


We have many options for using various vegetables to make vegetable broth. Starting from root vegetables, onions, and many choices of herbs.

EBDE9BD1-2024-46E1-B4FA-F01CA4C4F5D8.jpegFor root vegetables, I usually use white potatoes and red potatoes. Then besides potatoes, I use carrots. We no longer need to peel potatoes and carrots.

Even if we have leftover carrot potato skins, we can make those skins into veggie broth ingredients. It's just that, we should wash the potatoes and carrots before peeling them so that we can safely use their skins for veggie broth ingredients.

F59FFFC2-CE54-4511-A338-1BB07F00D47D.jpegThen, for the type of onions, I use garlic and onions. You can also use red onions. Just like using root vegetables, we don't need to peel garlic and onions.

So, if we have a lot of onion and garlic skins, we can combine them with the root vegetable skins later. If you don't have enough to make broth, then you can store the vegetable peels in the fridge. Then when the amount of them is according to what we need, we can cook them together. Don't forget to prioritize the cleanliness factor.

80C97BA6-C6A6-4377-87F2-0141C92D7C8D.jpegNext, I use ginger. These ingredients give the vegetable broth a rich, authentic taste. But, you can skip this Ingredient if you don't have the fresh one. Or using the powder is a great option.

969654DF-8A48-4280-AADA-F6F15142D5A6.jpegApart from ginger, I also use some lemongrass stalks to strengthen the aroma as well as taste good and it's like aromatherapy. I'm sure the food we cook will be pleasant food therapy for our lives. do you agree with this?

1E8E331A-127A-474A-AE92-19C0AE728575.jpegThen, I use spring onion and coriander leaves too. You can use celery as well.

The Richness of Taste and Aroma of Spices

Spices are like a beautiful secret that turns ordinary water into fragrant and strong-tasting water.

You can use the local spices that you use every day if you can't find the spices as I use. In this vegetable broth recipe, I used cloves, Lawang flowers, cumin, dried bay leaves, and cinnamon stalk.

For those of you who want a spicier sensation, you can add pepper that is still in granular form, not pepper that isn't powdered yet.

Amount of Water Measures Used

In this recipe, I use 1 liter of water. Then when I saw that there was actually a little water left, I finally added more water so that the final result of vegetable broth would be more.

Decreasing of water also occurs when I use high heat so that the water evaporates faster when cooked for one hour.

Easy To Make It


After preparing a variety of vegetables and spices, then we can make vegetable broth in an uncomplicated way. We just need to wait for all the ingredients to give the best taste and aroma to the water.

First of all, cut all vegetables. Then arrange it in a cooking pot. Don't forget to add spices and herbs.


Oh, that's a beautiful creation. I love to see the different colors and shapes of vegetables in a pot, forming a beautiful harmony.

79C59ADC-8365-4CA4-8A76-0110F482601F.jpegThen cook them for about half to an hour using a cover. You can see later that the water used to boil the veggies will turn darker than before.

The result is water that is fragrant and rich in spices. Congratulations, we already have a vegetable broth that can be stored for up to a week to enrich our dishes.


F17798AC-6596-4F93-9C59-642EEEC64391.jpegStrain the vegetables and spices. I use leftover vegetables and herbs to feed my livestock. So, no waste of food.

After getting in vegetable broth, let it cool to room temperature. Then store them in a jar or bottle and then place them in the refrigerator.

In addition, you can also store vegetable broth longer by freezing them. So later it will be shaped like ice cubes.

Well, I really like being able to make vegetable broth. Later I will make some soup from this vegetable broth. Also, I can make instant noodles tastier by using this vegetable broth even without other packaged spices. That's a is healthier option!


I hope you guys like my recipe this time. In fact, it is very basic to use soupy foods, but it will be very useful.

Have you ever used vegetable broth to complement soups or other types of soup like curry? What's your favorite soup or curry?

Thank you for reading my blog and reblog if you want my blog this time worthy of reading by others.



Best Regards,
Anggrek Lestari


Who is Anggrek Lestari?

Anggrek Lestari is an Indonesian fiction writer who has published two major books. Now She is a full-time content creator. She has a goal to share life, poem, and food content that makes others happy and can get inspiration.

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Excellent combination worth to try

For sure. You can try it 😊

The wonderful thing about this recipe is the infinity of benefits and properties it provides. I love the idea of being able to freeze it and have healthy ice cubes. This recipe makes it easy to save time when cooking, having containers of this hearty broth in the fridge is a great tool, so that all our recipes have a more substantial flavor and with the perfect balance of vegetables.
Happy Sunday, hugs and blessings. @anggreklestari

Indeed very save time for cubes idea. If you often make soup, or even just noodles with gravy, veggie broth Will be perfect choice ❤️🌸

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Ah, the broth is very practical to give a good flavor to our preparations and the idea of the cubes is very good. Greetings, happy Sunday.

The cubes Will keep them longer for sure.

Have a great day 🌸😊

Yes!!! Broth is something that should be in every refrigerator. I always try to do that when I can. I'm sure that the broth alone is a good remedy for ailments along with using as a flavor boost. I love the vibrant colour that you have for your broth. I would have it clear just like that.😊😋

I was searching for delicious soup and then Vegetable broth is a something we must have to make the perfect soup. 😊❤️

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Thanks plantpower hive 🌸🍅

Hi, I love broths, but this is my first time seeing the combination with spices such as cinnamon, cloves and aniseed. I imagine it gives it a different taste and flavour.
My broths usually contain a lot of greens; coriander, celery, chives, mint, garlic and I add them to almost every preparation.

Maybe in your city is not familiar with spices like in my city.
So yeah, in broth, just use similar ingredients in your daily meal to make the results isnt weird in your taste buds 😊

I still find it fascinating to see recipes from other countries, it's a way of getting closer through our culture.
We continue to read each other

Richly Fragrant with Spices is very healthy and nutritious recipe. Denifitely it will be tasty and yummy. You are a perfect recipe maker. Your presentation is so good. Thanks for sharing an excellent unique recipe.friend.

For sure. Spices can helps dishes rich in taste.
Thanks for stopping by 😊

Make them a cube shape sized is such a great idea. I dont know why but the taste of potato and carrot based soup always irritate me because it has a weird earthy taste but i might have to try your recipe too because you put a lot of spices.

Its okay you skip the root vegetables. Just use celery, spring onion, onion, and lots of spices.

My husband said the smell really similar with misop gravy

Wonderful complement to our recipes that you share with us. Thanks for that. Blessings @anggreklestari 🤗✨

I'm happy to share something beautiful and delicious 🌸❤️

I do like soupy food dear, it somehow different to the dry one. With the vegetables broth, the taste must be so delicious. Love this cooking process and photography wow I truly appreciate the quality.

vegetable broth is replacing for bone broth to make vegan version. so this one will be absolutely unique in taste 😊

Whoah great idea sis, i never have any veggie broth anyway

you have to try sis, if you like to cook something similar with gravy, curry, or even just clear soup 😊

Oh okay sis, thanks


Oh this looks fantastic chef! Bon appetit to you. I love soupy foods because it helps when I'm sick.

I love clear soup when I got sick. But creamy gravy for something special day 😊

Hi there , very good article never thought of making broth and how it can be freezer excellent idea. I must say not just your food blogg is good but also your pics and the way you present everything you seems to be a pro in this. Your pics are amazing ❤️

oh, thank you so much for your warmth words ❤️ Im so happy I can share my daily food here

This dish is impressive. There is so much versatility in different vegetables and spices.
You're like a magician who makes simple ingredients to extraordinary.

in fact, in daily life, we are faced with just simple ingredients. so we have to think new ways always to make different food, to avoid boredom 😊

I agree. ☺️


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Malam, mba anggrek. Salam.. lama tidak liat hive dan steemit. Saya lupa buka akun lama. Jadi buka yang baru lagi. Apa mba masih ingat saya ya?

wah saya sudah lupa. siapa ya?

This is inspirational. I’ve never used, made or really thought about vegetable stock. I love soups and often make them but usually just add vegetables to the soup itself.
This is a great way to use peels. I like that in this process the vegetables don’t have to be peeled though they have to be carefully washed. 😆This might sound fickle but I love the look of the cut of the garlic and would make sure I have that in my stock. It's usually a sure ingredient for many of the dishes I make.
Dropping or adding an icecube of flavor to a dish is so convenient and effective. I sometimes do it with coconut milk.

Spices are like a beautiful secret that turns ordinary water into fragrant and strong-tasting water.

This! Well said. 😃

Vegetable broth will helps us to avoid spices particles on gravy, especially with creamy gravy. so, by using vegetable broth, it will helps enrich taste with no hard texture of herb and spices in our food

😃Yes, it’s really a good way to avoid those particles and add flavor.