The Plant Based Challenge 👨🏿‍🍳 Week #28 👩‍🍳 Come Join Us!!

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Hello all, it's @justinparke here! Welcome to the same ole' Plant Based Challenge, but in our new community! Not much has changed at all, except if you'd like to earn LOTUS for your posts, you'll now need to use the tag #lotus instead of #naturalmedicine.

First of all, a few changes - the challenge post and the wrap up will be in the ONE post this time. We also have a nice few delegations coming in, so our upvote is starting to grow. If you'd like to support #vegan #plantbased content in this community, us plant powered folk would all appreciate it!


The latest Plant-Based Weekly Cooking Challenge features a new set of ingredients for the week ahead's challenge!


Plant-Based Cooking Challenge

🥦🌽🍉 WEEK #28 🍈🍅🥜

     This new community is finally starting to pick up steam, and I've enjoyed seeing all the new posts, both for this challenge as well as regular #plantbased recipe posts. I look forward to what you all will share with me this week, so let the ideas begin brewing now! And of course, if you can't manage to make anything for the challenge, your #plantbased content is still welcome in our community!


Plant Power Cooking Challenge
Week #27 Winner(s)

HIVE rewards sponsored by @plantstoplanks

Here's My Latest Creamy Creation

by: @chocolatescorpi

     There is so much going on with this recipe, it's hard to know where to even begin. How about with guacamole-ish goodness on top followed up with lots of protein and fresh veggies. I haven't seen a lot of these ingredients in Suriname markets for ages, so this recipe set all kinds of cravings, so I did my best to digitally eat this dish, but was unsuccessful in the end.

     Congratulations @chocolatescorpi! You are the winner of 6 HIVE.

2nd & 3rd Prize Winners

     Our 2nd place winner @amy-goodrich showed off her skills by making something delicious that her husband devoured even though he loathes the main ingredient, mushrooms. I've never had jelly and pate together, but this post has grabbed my attention, and I am very curious to know what this pâté is like. Give me a good slice of toast and I might just be in pâté heaven.

     I almost missed our 3rd prize winner @youngwife's post because she forgot to share the link in the comments section. However, I'm glad I found it because this dish looks like the right kind of fire I need to have in my belly. I love the Indonesian salad urap, and this dish reminded me of it very much, a delicious way to eat a variety of fresh vegetables.

Week #28 Ingredients/Styles:

SPROUTS (any kind)

The Rules

  • You can create a dish with all three ingredients, or just one, or even two.
  • You can use any other ingredient you like, but one of the listed vegetables should be the feature of the dish.
  • You can use item(s) from the other column if you'd like to use a sweet in your savory or a savory in your sweet, but you must use at least one ingredient in the recommended flavor style.
  • No animal products can be used
  • Post in the Plant Power (Vegan) Community and use any other tag(s) such as #vegan, #plantbased, and #foodie, as your secondary tags.
  • Please drop the link below this post.
  • Also, don't forget the #lotus tag if you want to earn LOTUS.

The Prizes

1st prize is 6 HIVE 2nd prize is 3 HIVE 3rd prize 1 HIVE

HIVE rewards courtesy of @plantstoplanks and @riverflows.

  • If you'd like to sponsor this challenge, please drop a message below.
  • Great posts may get reblogged, tweeted, and even tipped!

How to Be Curated by PLANT POWER

Use the tags #lotus #vegan #plantbased
Post in the Plant Power Community
Ensure your recipes are plant based - although we don't preach any diets, this curation would like to focus on plants rather than dairy or meat additions to recipes.
Use clear, well focussed photographs - and ORIGINAL content!

We hope you get involved with posting lots of yummy #plantbased #vegan #lotus #foodies recipes! Good quality posts might also get a little bit of extra love in the form of tips and reblogs! Stay healthy, stay safe, and stay happy!

Powered by LOTUS token, an alternative health social currency on HIVE. Delegations welcome!
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Thanks for participating as always chef.

My pleasure :)

The thumbnail already has me excited.....

Thank you and congrats to the other winners. Have a beautiful week.

Always some interesting creations to drool over.

Hai my friend.
I have entered this contest, maybe you are willing to read the new recipe for the food that I prepared. thank you.

Hmmmm....I can only read English, so this is a tough one for me.

Thanks for your entry.

congrats winner

All talented chefs, and you too.

thank you chef

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