The Plant Based Challenge 👨🏿‍🍳 Week #29 👩‍🍳 Come Join Us!!

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Hello all, it's @justinparke here! Welcome to the same ole' Plant Based Challenge, but in our new community! Not much has changed at all, except if you'd like to earn LOTUS for your posts, you'll now need to use the tag #lotus instead of #naturalmedicine.

First of all, a few changes - the challenge post and the wrap up will be in the ONE post this time. We also have a nice few delegations coming in, so our upvote is starting to grow. If you'd like to support #vegan #plantbased content in this community, us plant powered folk would all appreciate it!


The latest Plant-Based Weekly Cooking Challenge features a new set of ingredients for the week ahead's challenge!


Plant-Based Cooking Challenge

🥦🌽🍉 WEEK #29 🍈🍅🥜

     Last week there were only 4 entries, and since only 3 of the 4 posts were in English, selecting the winners was a relatively easy task. Luckily the low turnout didn't stop our participants from sharing some truly delicious creations though. I've selected the winners and have provided you wall with a new set of ingredients/things to play with. So let's dive in!


Plant Power Cooking Challenge
Week #28 Winner(s)

HIVE rewards sponsored by @plantstoplanks

Kelepon Cake Recipe | Plantbased Snack Indonesian

by: @aswita

     These glutinous rice snacks from a very talented Indonesian chef are absolutely incredible. Inside you'll git a gooey palm sugar center, and the the outside is covered in coconut. Not only that, there is a copious amount of pandan leaves to give these a beautiful color and delicious flavor. Don't pass up this kelepon cake recipe, go get a bite while you still can.

     Congratulations @aswita! You are the winner of 6 HIVE.

2nd & 3rd Prize Winners

     Legendary chef @carolynstahl provided us with some very interesting spring rolls. She started from scratch, even making her own whole wheat spring roll wrappers, and these little details make a recipe truly special. She coated these beauties with coconut before deep-frying them, and the sauce she served them with looks very tasty too, but I'm not sure what it is.

     Back to sticky rice for our 3rd prize winner @pranandaputra, who shared some snacks with a very similar ingredient list as our first prize winner, but the preparation is very different. This sticky rice snack places a sweetened coconut mix on top of the rice, which is wrapped in banana leaves. They look very tempting, and I could almost smell the coconut while reading the post.

Week #29 Ingredients/Styles:


The Rules

  • You can create a dish with all three ingredients, or just one, or even two.
  • You can use any other ingredient you like, but one of the listed vegetables should be the feature of the dish.
  • You can use item(s) from the other column if you'd like to use a sweet in your savory or a savory in your sweet, but you must use at least one ingredient in the recommended flavor style.
  • No animal products can be used
  • Post in the Plant Power (Vegan) Community and use any other tag(s) such as #vegan, #plantbased, and #foodie, as your secondary tags.
  • Please drop the link below this post.
  • Also, don't forget the #lotus tag if you want to earn LOTUS.

The Prizes

1st prize is 6 HIVE 2nd prize is 3 HIVE 3rd prize 1 HIVE

HIVE rewards courtesy of @plantstoplanks and @riverflows.

  • If you'd like to sponsor this challenge, please drop a message below.
  • Great posts may get reblogged, tweeted, and even tipped!

How to Be Curated by PLANT POWER

Use the tags #lotus #vegan #plantbased
Post in the Plant Power Community
Ensure your recipes are plant based - although we don't preach any diets, this curation would like to focus on plants rather than dairy or meat additions to recipes.
Use clear, well focussed photographs - and ORIGINAL content!

We hope you get involved with posting lots of yummy #plantbased #vegan #lotus #foodies recipes! Good quality posts might also get a little bit of extra love in the form of tips and reblogs! Stay healthy, stay safe, and stay happy!

Powered by LOTUS token, an alternative health social currency on HIVE. Delegations welcome!
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I think I missed it but here is my entry:

Your recipes always amaze me, can't wait to have a look today.

Glad I made it in time ☺️

Congratulations to all the winners, l believe that soon I will be on the list

I hope so, feel free to participate any week.

I will do so, am trying to have the know how so as to avoid making mistakes like l have done before

Anything with tempeh has me hungry, thanks for sharing this with us chef.

My pleasure!

Another whopper, the the thumbnail has already grabbed my attention.

Sounds interesting, can't to have a look/read. Thanks chef for your submission.

this week I will be encouraged 💗

Thank you

hello @justinparke my post was chosen as the best three, but why didn't I get a reward, even my post was downvoted by @adm

Please explain what exactly is this...?

I mentioned in the above comment, but because the downvotes you receive are significant, it isn't offset by your upvotes. Your best chance is an appeal to HiveWatchers through the above link I shared with you.

Oh, I am sorry about that, I hope you it’s okay for next post!

Sounds lovely, gonna have a look today. Thanks chef.

Congratulations to all winners!

So many lovely recipes.

Congratulations @aswita!!!! Also congratulations to @pranandaputra.

Thank you so much for adding me in. I'm truly honoured. I apologized for the unclear dipping sauce recipe. It was not properly listed like a recipe so kind of blended in. Oops. It was a peanut sauce.😊

No worries at all chef, loved your homemade spring rolls, nom nom nom.

but I am very disappointed because my post was downvoted by @adm who has bad morals. I think he is like a dictator with high power and arbitrarily doesn't respect other people's writings. thanks @carolynstahi greetings friendship.

Don't worry about it. Just keep posting. We all get downvoted sometimes.

a loss for us because they never appreciate a written work from others. hive should have shut down accounts like that, because there are no posts from those accounts, they just make a mess with the power they have. I also read and see a lot or many accounts downvoted by him, even accounts downvoted by him protested with reasonable comments.

You may have ended up on the @hivewatchers downvote list, and there are lots of potential reasons for that. You can appeal through Discord at

I really don't know much about these things but I know I've had these downvotes and I don't care. I just keep doing my best and I am well rewarded.

Thank you :)

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