Sour Mango Ice Cream Recipe

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Today was a free day that's why I and my youngest sister decided to visit our other lot that is 3 minutes far from our home. When we arrived there, there were many children harvesting our mango tree. We allowed others to have it too because it's a small act to share and I know during this pandemic they can use it to sell and buy their basic needs. When we about to go back home, they handed us about 3-4 baskets of mangoes.

Since it's a very hot Monday afternoon, we made ice cream and our main ingredient is the mango. To those who are fond of mango ice cream, this is a friendly budget on how to make it since you have only fewer ingredients to use. I recommend the Can which combined condensed and cream as one to save money. It's a very quick and easy procedure. To those who don't have a mixer then you can use the blender to make the cream fluffy. What makes this ice cream unique because it's not so sweet. You can taste its sourness which adds thrills. I know it's not usual to have this kind of flavor but I am giving an idea for those people who really find of sour flavor. Once you taste it you can taste on the top of your tongue how sweetness and sourness contract to one another. Thank you for watching and I hope you like this simple recipe.


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Oh this looks soooo yummy!! We have loads of those mangoes right here, in Thailand, right now. I've never seen the combined condensed milk-cream before, but I think I'm gonna try with half-half condensed milk and coconut cream.


You should know that I first saw this on twitter, so the POSH is working!! And yes, I also retweeted. 😆

Wow! #posh works yay! It is really good news for me 😍 Yeah you should try it dear. For sure its more delicious and creamy if you combined condensed milk and coconut cream "I must try it also" Thanks a lot!

Tamang tama ang init ng panahon ngayon, sarap kumain ng malalamig na pagkain. Masarap talaga mamuhay sa province, nkakapagtanim at may naaani. May pakunsuelo ang mga bata, nahiya rin kahit papanu.

Yes po, tamang tama oh, grabe ang init ng panahon. Hehehe Oo sa sobrang dami ng bunga nabali nga ang sanga eh nung una namin pinuntahan. Excited pa kami may dala pa ako sako para may paglag-yan kasi sobra dami ng bunga. Ehh mga kapitbahay pala nag-ani pero ayos lang hehehe

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Yummy ice cream 🍨! I’m making too sometimes using blueberries and frozen mangoes! Thanks for sharing!

Kalami ani dong. Salamat sa pag share permi.