Splitting Firewood For My Homestead Heating Solution

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Just two months ago I moved into my new homestead. There's been many challenges already but one of the most pressing has been trying to heat the home. In this video I go over one of my almost daily chores which is used to provide warmth for the whole house.

I end up going though roughly 6 of these a day if not more depending on how cold it is outside. Currently this system of heat is working out pretty well in warming the house but fingers crossed it continues to hold up during those very cold winter days when snow begins falling.

In the video before this I showed the wood piles I currently have to work with. At the moment this is on a three year cycle where the wood I'll be using this year to chop and heat the home is located under a overhang while the other two I tarpped to keep water and snow off of it. This is the seasoning process of the firewood to help dry it out over time which produces a better fuel for the stove.

The wood stove heating solution is gone over a little bit in this video however I'll be doing a much more indepeth review of the idea behind the wood stove and furnace later as it's rather crazy lol

Since recording this video I've learned a lot more about chopping firewood such as hitting the wood flat instead of on a angle which has done wonders with splitting the wood on the first strike. The maul still isn't here but when I get it I plan on doing a side by side comparison between the axe and the maul for splitting firewood.

If you enjoy these videos be sure to subscribe as I'll be releasing more homesteading videos. Thank you for joining me on these new homesteading adventures I appreciate you!

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I appreciate you too, nice video Big gubba ❣️

Thank you appreciate ya!

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Watching this video leaves me really impressed, not only because of your magnificent beauty (you are really beautiful) but also to see how you manage cutting logs, I know it is a very common task in countries with winter seasons (I am from Latin America and in my country there are only two seasons, a lot of sun and a lot of rain haha), I think that the strength in this case is the least important, what matters is the technique and a sharp axe and I know that if you keep practicing you will be every day more accurate and precise cutting the wood, thanks for sharing a little of your culture and your day to day. I have a question, how do you get those pieces of logs to cut with your axe? do they sell them and bring them to your home? do they cut them with a chainsaw where you live? Best regards

That's a great workout. Will keep you warm in two ways. I dropped a video below that might help improve your technique but you are doing great. I'd also suggest you stabilise the cutting block. That rocking may be dangerous and deflect your axe.

Big Fan!

Thank you! 💪

Haha that IS great exercise!

Love the first dog photobomb at 9:45 too.

10 toes = Success!

Great video!

Best dressed wood splitter! :) :)