Do You Have To Be An Expert To Make Content?

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As a beginner, you might have a lot of questions. You see people who are making content are really good at what they are doing. So do you have to be an expert to make content?


You might get advice like fake it till you make it. I think that's the worst advice ever. You are not going to trick anyone by doing that. You don't have to be an expert to start making content. You can share your journey. You are learning something, you make mistakes, learn from it, your progress - this can be awesome content. You are telling your truth and you are bringing your audience with you.

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Advice given to me over 400 days ago? Show up every day. Be dedicated. The rest will come with time and effort.

Now we can see your progress. :) Nothing is going to happen quickly. It takes time, effort, and talent. Thank you @bradleyarrow for your comment!

Your welcome.

You said it right

Fake it until you make it

isn't a suitable saying for blogging and building your personal brand... Unfortunately, that is very often the case as people think that they don't have anything valuable to bring to the table (which is wrong thinking) and then try to be something else...

That doesn't last too long, and usually, finish with quitting, without getting anything valuable, nor for that person, nor the community...

If your content adds value, people will consume your content. I just made a post about it. Thank you @ph1102 for your feedback!