Health Vacation Day 9

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More rain, more rest.

"When the weather says rest, rest." Something I told Melissa today as I looked for her a book to read to take her mind off of whatever was on her mind. Her anxiety isn't being kind to her this year, especially as I'm not working at the moment.

Today I went to see my friends. They had a meetup planned to play a game called Pathfinder and invited me to come. I had an awesome time learning to play!

3D printer go brrrrrrrr

While I was away, I set the printer to print a larger file. I found a printable magazine pouch insert that holds the magazine more securely in it's pouch, and it takes about five and a half hours to print. I like setting the printer while I go do other things. It makes me feel productive.

3D printed mag retention insert

Blackberries are coming on heavy, and check out how big they are! It's exciting to have a good size snack every day from the garden. I'm finding unfortunately that it's easy to say you're gonna grow a lot of food in the garden, and then for that not to be the case. It's a downer, but I'm obviously not giving up on it. The blackberries are an inspiring part for me right now. I'm hoping to tend the canes this year in such a way that I have a high harvest of new canes for next year. I want to share them and I also want to grow the garden. I think a good hedge of these productive varieties of berries would be awesome, and of course it's double awesome because they're a perennial, so they don't take much work.

Partial blackberry harvest. Lookit them monster berries!

Melissa and I had a good deep talk tonight (thus the late posting). We talked about getting on the same page because we haven't been there lately. Without sharing more information than she's comfortable with, we've been working on different goals. While they both serve the same end, we've been working against each other in small subversive ways and it's become a big point of contention. Like everything though, it'll work out.

It's late, and it's not supposed to rain tomorrow (when the weather says work, work), so I'm gonna cut this post short for the evening. Rabbit cages, chicken coop, blackberry propagation. That's my ambitious list of things to work on tomorrow. Oh, and plant the six apple seeds Sophie saved from her snack today.

Love from Texas


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Yup, when the weather says I can work, I do. When it doesn't, I don't...

Love your blackberries!