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My mind is all over the place

I'm currently filled with inspiration to the point that my mind can't even manage to divide my attention anymore. I'm seriously writing something, while having a WIP artwork in front of my laptop, meanwhile realizing that I need to get the laundry in the washing machine, doing that to come back and then noticing a box with clutter that still needs my attention. So then I decide to do that first, totally forgetting what I was doing in the first place (or second, or third, lol). I feel like having ADHD, my gosh, how annoying to be all over the place. I'm literally driving myself nuts!

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Chaos before order

It's not something new though, whenever I get this chaotic, it usually happens when I'm de-cluttering and trying to get rid of stuff or find a new place for them as the sight of the items disturbs me. You have to know that it has been a while since I've gone through our stuff properly. The only part that had my constant attention was my daughter's wardrobe because I seem to bump into new items quite often meaning that those things that are getting too small or shrunk a little in the laundry are allowed to go sooner and make room for the new items. She seriously has an abundance of clothes, always. But winter stuff just takes so much room in the wardrobes that it still annoys me when I do the laundry.

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I've started to go through all other closets

Meaning, the kitchen cabinets needed attention (badly) because we're at that point where things were just pushed in, closing the door and hoping it would stay in place (ok, that's a little exaggerated but you get my point, there was no order or knowledge of what was inside anymore). I bought a few recycled plastic boxes with lids to create order in the medicine cabinet and then went through all the other kitchen cabinets. What a relief! At least now I know what's in there, lol.

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Next was my crafting supplies closet

It was filled with smaller supplies, some in boxes, others just placed in there, I didn't know what I had in there anymore or where to find some items. It was NOT good for my creative mind and flow of inspiration. It actually drove me nuts to the point that I could not take it any longer and also bought some decent boxes with lids that happened to fit exactly in my supplies closet.

Untitled design(1).png

I still need to fill these 3 big ones and two small ones in the left image, but gosh, all the others that already have been filled and are stored decently in the closet away from my vision, I love it and it gives me some peace of mind. Can't wait for it to be done!

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To unleash the chaos in my mind

I had to do something to become zen again. While decluttering, I found these colouring sheets again that I once bought but could not use as they advertise them as if you colour them with pencils, but the sheets where these stencils are glued on are slippery. I mean who thinks of something like this, it baffles me, they should have advertised other colouring tools, not pencils.

Meditative Art - Colouring Sheets (3).jpg

Then I thought of these metallic markers from Faber Castell that I bought last month. I haven't used them yet, maybe they will work on this paper.

So it's not 100% covering, but I've noticed this is more due to the black velvet stencil on the paper making it a bit cringy to touch the edges with the markers. But to be honest, I thought it looked nice enough to continue this one and I decided this was going to be my moment of zen.

Meditative Art - Colouring Sheets (4).jpg

Meditative Art - Colouring Sheets (1).jpg

Too bad I only have 6 colours as they are 300% approved. I often buy the wrong shitty markers, feeling annoyed afterwards, but that's defo not the case with these (expensive markers).

Meditative Art - Colouring Sheets (2).jpg

Meditative Art Colouring Sheets (1).jpg

Meditative Art Colouring Sheets (2).jpg

Meditative Art Colouring Sheets (3).jpg

Meditative Art Colouring Sheets (6).jpg

Not bad, I like it. It pops nicely with black and white. Once this was finished, it was time to pick up my daughter from kindergarten and the ride over there went super smooth, barely any traffic, the sun was shining and I was in a happy mood again. All zen. I should colour/draw/paint/craft every day, but I often get lost in other stuff.

Hopefully, you like the end result. What do you do if you are feeling chaotic and need to find your zen to get things back into order? Leave a comment if you like :)

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I'm going to hold that beautiful thought, "Chaos before order." 😍

Haha, in my "chaos" it's true :)
Every single time. I've bought more of these boxes, now my bedroom is (again) chaos. But I know once I'm 100% done I will be so happy and it's all organized.
And packing for moving later this year will be so much quicker. Hopefully, order is here before the weekend!

thanks for stopping by <3