Kids Play Station - Doll House Of Waste Cardboard

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When I woke up after a short afternoon nap, I found my kids busy playing, and seeing me,they pull me to another room and shows a card board structure and called them their Doll House


If you look closely at this so called structure, it was built out of Kids imagination and made up of spared cardboard. For sure this was no way resembling to our actual home.

It has Two Stairs, One to the Bedroom, and another to the terrace. Bothe the stairs were made using a simple piece of paper and folding it one over the another. The structure too has a well structured Tower on top and many other things. And all those were made of house waste materials.


The bedroom is a big sprawling hall, and some stuffs were scattered here and there. Just like the kids do. They are the dolls cloths and bed at the center of the big hall.


Moving ahead, towards the terrace, it gives a nice spacious place with a long tower and a make up shed region at one corner to rest and enjoy cup of tea.


The shed reason is too made up of paper standing upon some epty Gems mini chocos bottle.


Later they placed a doll right on the terrace, waving to us, and welcoming to their new home.


Now , most important things,

Have you noticed the material used in making the toy house??
Then let me tell you, it has

  • an empty cake box (use to deliver cake) to make the big bed room.
  • an empty card box of Connect 4 (to make big in front)
  • The Ludo game board (the tower)
  • Plain paper to make stairs.

Looking at them, kids learning of utilising the waste resources and helping their mind grow. The kids too enjoying the Lockdown time and putting them for enhancing the creativity.

Fun and Learn on Lockdown

Stay Home...Stay Safe !!

Namaste @steemflow


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It's great seeing kids use their imagination because that helps them develop nice and stay creative. I feel pity for the ones playing video games all day though. It messes with their brains.

It is upto parents how they want to raise their kids....exposing them to digital world in early stage of life is not good...but putting a check and letting them to explore other things around will definately help they grow mature quickly....