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I'm here again with a new dnd dice build :) I'm definitely more successful than my other two attempts, but I still have some basic problems.
I've said before that my previous patterns were faulty, so I made new patterns all over again. You can see my new pattern in the pictures below. Ever know it's still not perfect but it will be. Each attempt helps me learn a little more.
One of my favorite colors is green, so no matter how many bubbles there are in this set, I like it a lot. I really need to buy a Pressure pot to prevent bubbles from happening, but I'm still trying to get past my amateurishness before making such an investment as I'm still trying to solve my problems with simple things.

I used Resin when making the dice. Resin is a dangerous chemical substance, so I had to wear a mask so I couldn't breathe it. I added resin mica powder and mixed it slowly to avoid bubbles as much as I could, but as you can see, this was not a solution. There are still bubbles in the dice.



These are the mica powders I use for coloring the dice. I still have these colors and I mixed the colors together while making these green dice.


This area you see is my garbage :D When I pour the resin into the molds, most of the time the resin overflows and leaves such a garbage behind. These can't be used anywhere, they're completely garbage.


This is the dice set I used to make the silicone cup. I haven't taken them out of the mold here yet. I need other sets of dice when making molds.


You can clearly see my bubble problem in this picture. In this way, when there was a gap larger than the bubble, I had to prepare extra resin to fill the gaps and close the mold again.


When the silicone comes out of the mold, there are residues like this and I cut and sand them.





Before I painted the inside of the numbers, I didn't realize that I had such serious little bubbles. Ah, but I had to paint the numbers or these dice wouldn't really be usable.


++Thank You++


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I remember your MUCH earlier attempts at said dice! 😄 I think you've made great progress! 👍

It looks super cool 😍😍you done very well, thanks for share

These are looking real nice. Nice color choice for the numbers and dice themselves.

Bu çok güzel bir çalışma. Zarların renkleri çok güzel. Umarım baloncuk sorununu da zamanla aşarsın. Zar yapımında kullanılan malzemeleri ve maliyetleri paylaştığın bir post mevcut mu ya da böyle bir şey yapmayı düşünür müsün?
Dnd oynarken kendi yaptığın zarlarla oynamak sanıyorum çok harika bir şey:) Çok güzel bir hobi gibi görünüyor. Ben şahsen daha çok şey öğrenmek istiyorum bu konu hakkında.

Henüz paylaşmadım ama bunu yapacağım :)

Bence de yapmalısın çok faydalı olacağını düşünüyorum. Eğer yazarsan beni de etiketleyebilirsin, kesinlikle görüp okumak isterim:))

Henüz paylaşmadım ama bunu yapacağım :)

Nice set of dice, I really like the colours!

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Very nice work, @elwnyx !

I wish I had your talent! I love the color, and if you ask me, I think the little bubble adds a lot of character to the end product. Keep up the good work!

So cool!! Great job!
And I like the colors you used!

Every set you make is an improvement over the last ! Nice work :)

If you can't afford a pressure chamber, something you could try is to make a vibrating table. The idea is to put the resin pot onto the table, and the vibration will get at least the largest air bubbles to rise to the surface. Then you can use a pipette of syringe to pick up resin from below the surface and inject it into the moulds.

These dice cube-like shapes are so fancy and creative. This is surely an enterprise for you to venture into😁

Wow, you are so so talented in this

I couldn't believe you made those dice, woww

Excellent post friend, Very satisfying to see thanks for sharing 💯

Beautiful work @elwnyx love the colour of the dice 🥰
Congrats on the ocd feature 🥳

Thank you :hug:

You are welcome @elwnyx 🤗