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Hello dice lovers :)

Actually, my morale has been really low since yesterday. Yesterday my business announced that it was going to shrink and I was unemployed. I am really surprised and very sorry but there is nothing I can do. Life goes on. Before I get completely immersed in my portfolio work, I wanted to share here the happiest thing I've done recently. Because I've been fired, I'm going to postpone my pressure pot purchase plan until I find a job. It looks like my bubble problem will continue for a while. Actually, it's not like I got fired. I curse war... One of the consequences of war. No war is good. :(

I made this set of dice for another of our friends that we play dnd with every Friday. Goliath is playing a Druid right now and he specifically asked me for a purple dice set. This time my bubbles are much less and I really like the colors.

I used silicone molds that I prepared myself while making the dice. The main material of the dice is epoxy resin. I also used both mica powder and alcohol ink for coloring. In about 12 hours, my resin dried and I took it out of the mold.


Again, I had big bubbles, but these are easily compensated. To fix this, I prepare the resin mixture once more and close the mold again and wait.  "image.png"






++Thank You++


Another amazing set of dice ! I'm so sorry you're losing your job, hopefully you will be able to find another one quickly.

But don't give up on the pressure pot, it is worth looking on eBay, Gumtree, even Facebook Marketplace to see if you can find a cheap one to get you going. Then you'd be able to make a few sets of dice to sell on Etsy to bring some money in while you look for another job.

Keep up the good work, and I hope you can find ways to keep your morale up !

So nice color and shinnies make me think of Sméagol "My precious "

I would love to have the time to make dices, always seeing them on social media and must be so awesome to create the dices you imagen.

The dice look great - loving the colour choice of the set and the the previous one! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you to find a proper job soon and hope that this change will bring you better opportunities.

These and the blue starry ones are my favorite I've seen from you. Nice job!

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Sorry about your current predicament over employment
Better opportunities will come soon

Nice dice by the way

You know I love this set of dice, it's very dreamy.

And you'll get through things, love <3 You have all my support, you know. We'll find something together :) hug