Bead Making Training Keep Me Improving

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My bead making training is improving every day. I try to make a different style of bracelet any day I'm done for the day bead making training. As I was done with today's bead making training, in order for me to keep the training in my memory and also try to see if I'll be able to make the bracelet by myself.

I called out my family last born in the house and asked the kind of bracelet she'll like me to make for her. When I was done asking her the question, she was unable to give me any answer. In that instant, I looked at her hair and noticed, she made a new hair. From her new hair, I was able to decide the kind of bracelet color to make for her.


0.7mm elastic fishing line.
7 6mm hair bead.
7 5mm black trimits bead.


Like i mostly say about the bringing out of the elastic fishing line into work for the bracelet making, the hand size to wear it have to be considered. We have to enter 1 black trimits bead, 1 hair bead into the elastic fishing line. We'll still continue with the entering of the beads into the same elastic fishing line by entering another 1 black trimits bead, 1 hair bead, 1 black trimits bead, 1 hair bead, 1 black trimits bead, 1 hair bead, 1 black trimits bead, 1 hair bead, 1 black trimits bead, 1 hair bead, 1 black trimits bead, 1 hair bead.

For us to complete the bracelet making, we have to close the two mouth of the elastic fishing line.


Yes practice makes perfect. So keep practicing.

Thank your very much for that voice.

You're welcome. Keep up the great work.

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This is just beautiful. Your finishing looks great, no visible evidence of a fishing line.

Good job.!LUV

Thank you very much for that contribution.