Bitcoin made of shredded old Euro bills

in #hive-189641 • 2 months ago

I made Bitcoin with shredded old Euro bills with a kind of irony. I'm brain storming for my upcoming exhibition "future money" 😊

It might be interesting to make a silicon mold with the Bitcoin logo shape and pour in resin and the shredded Euro bills. Ah, I want to something large and 3D ...

Have a nice weekend!


ふと思い立って、切り刻まれた古いユーロ紙幣をクッキーカッターにぎゅうぎゅう詰めて、子供の工作糊で固めてみました。Future Moneyという展示をしたくて、そのブレインストーミングも兼ねて。



ビットコイン💪 いい週末を!


Oh wow, that’s really nice. Can’t wait to see the 3D you make.

Hehe thanks @yuhuzah! I'm happy and motivated by reading your comment 😊

It’s my pleasure.😁